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Auntie Kempir's village

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

This is a small village with likely fewer than 100 residents. It was located about a day's travel west from Mari Chara.   The village was very attractive, and consisted of numerous well-pained wooden treehouses that were built into the forest. It had no defenses.   The village had no formal structure that was immediately evident, but its most significant resident was a kindly old woman named Auntie Kempir - a hospitable cook and baker. Yet neither Auntie nor the rest of the village were what they seemed.   Everyone in the village acted happy, and did a lot of singing, eating, dancing, and storytelling. None of the people remembered how they got there, and the younger residents seem to have been born there.   People who had remained in the village gradually lost any desire to leave. With time, Auntie also began to voice feelings regarding eating some of the guests. When she was confronted, she transformed into a frightful hag with long and deadly claws, and tusks sticking out of her mouth. When Auntie was killed, the village transformed into a decrepit, rotting, and worm-infested hole.   It is not clear what happened to the other residents after Auntie's demise. Oksana - a young girl of 10 or so, went off with Ku, Galya, Zorina and Jakob. Other residents, such as Bolat and Bayan - the young man and woman who were the unofficial welcoming committee, were very disoriented. It is not known what happened to them after.

18 Lipets, 6832 (?)

< 100

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