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A mysterious lady who resembles Kivi the Godbearer

This lady wearing a blue veil was encountered by Agapia after she leaves the antiquities shop at the dock to look for a new cauldron. She appeared in an alley, and invited Agapia to come with her to someone's barn, where she let her pet a snow-white lamb named Yara. She also gave her some advice about helping her new friends, and not subjecting her uncle to her messes anymore - until she learns the magic word to get the magical porridge pot to stop cooking porridge. It was not clear whether that reference was metaphorical or not.   The lady also told Agapia that the ribbons she acquired from Yaakov bar Asher's family possessed magical powers, as did the blue ribbon Agapia had to wear in Udyn as a Gaalite.   She then led Agapia to Yuri, who was being chased by some of the vizier's soldiers. Sometime after Agapia confused his pursuers, the lady mysteriously vanished.   The lady never gave her name, but she resembled a woman Agapia saw depicted on numerous images at the Holy Veil Monastery, and other places around the Nart Quarter. She has kind, if occasionally, sad eyes.   She appears in Chapter 13.

Brown, kind, sad.

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