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A hamlet somewhere in the woods by a stream

This homestead is located in the middle of the woods, by a stream. It is roughly four days south of Vladykino, and four or five days northeast of Udyn.   The homestead was home to an unnamed man who kept two cows and two goats in a shed. As it later turned out, the man was married to a rusalka.   This homestead was discovered by Alden Gravenitch by accident. Alden was looking for deer to bring down, but caught wind of the cows. He decided to drive one off, but it turned out that the cows were closely watched by their owner. Alden proceeded to kill and devour the man, and then take one of his cows. The goats escaped.   The homestead may now be abandoned, because it's not clear whether the man's rusalka wife lived there or not. There may or may not have been other residents at the homestead.


Palisade fence, stream
0, 1 or more
Characters in Location

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