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A giant near Yarozersk

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

This giant was apparently trampling fields near Yarozersk.   His domicile, if any, is currently unknown. He wandered into a field near the village, and then engaged in a confrontation that ultimately cost him his life (his throat was torn out by Drazhan).   The giant did not speak any language the present Yokels were familiar with, though he repeated some words spoken by Plamen in the language of the volkhvy while he was hypnotized.   He was presumably a volot, of very large size.   The following day, the giant's corpse vanished. Vasilisa followed fresh tracks past a crevice in the ground that turned out to be his cave, deeper into the woods, where he seemed to be alive, and holding congress with a boy in a straw hat, to whom he was speaking in an unkown language.   His true state and current location are unknown, but he is still, presumably, alive, and within 10 versts of Yarozersk.

Circumstances of Death
Killed by the Yokels (specifically, Drazhan)
Dark, graying beard and hear
Skin Tone
over 15 feet

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