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A small species of semi-avian, raptor-like Lukkein, found exclusively in the remote and isolated Crystalflute Gullet. Like many species found in that hard to reach location, the Janetopteryx is a very recent discovery, having only been described scientifically for the first time two years ago after the last major expedition to the Crystalflute Gullet. They were named after their discoverer, Janet, who is famous for her love of raptor-like creatures.   Physically, the Janetopteryx resembles a small therapod raptor found in the fossil record of old Terra. It has a relatively large head with four large, forward facing eyes, and a scaled snout. Most of its body is covered in brightly coloured, downy feathers in bright scarlets, amber yellows, blues, and violets streaked with black. When viewed with an ultraviolet camera, these black feathers almost seem to glow with reflected UV light. There is little visual difference between male and female individuals, but males possess elongated feathers on their forelimbs and a broader fan of feathers on their tail. Their underbelly, snout, and the ends of their limbs are scaled with smooth plates and scutes, in colours ranging from an ashy grey, to pale yellow, to a rich amber and golden honey colours.   Small and carnivorous, the Janetopteryx relies on speed and agility to hunt down its prey, moving as a barely glimpsed flash of vibrant colour through the dense foliage of its home. Their preferred prey seems to be other small avian and semi-avian Lukkein, as well as large, fat moths and slow moving bioluminescent insects. They are intelligent and highly social, preferring to live and hunt in groups. When raised in captivity, they have a habit of pack bonding with almost anything that doesn't look like a prey animal.

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