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The planet of Ailion has two landmasses that are significantly larger than the rest. Allowadh is the largest one even if the north pole is usually considered its own small continent despite being connected.   The very northern parts of the continent are snowy mountains and frozen tundra while the most southern reach past the Sa'ar Desert until it reaches the Methei Sea.   The Cloudripper Mountains form the west coast of the continent while the Spine of Avani stretches along the east. The area between them in the north is known as the Lambertian Wildlands. The Spine continues south-west in the form of the Breaker Mountains until it eaches the Sa'ar Desert. South of the Breaker Mountains lies wastelands along the eastern shore and stretching inland to the Marred Wastes.   The Marred Wastes are held in check to the south by the Agean Mountains and fo the west by the Lothana Forest. The forest stretches south from there, hugging the coast.  
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