European Assembly of Unions

European Assembly of Union was created, when Revolution (written from the capital letters, as all of them) occured in one of the systems of Sector 22, colonized mainly by various countries and entities from Europe. Soon, taking advantage of political chaos and open warfares of Unification Wars, it spread throughtout entire sector, conquering - or, as it called it, 'liberating' - various states, always called 'fascist, capitalistic dystopias'. In the end establishing a vast, political faction of various anarchosyndycalists states, as due to victory in Sector 22 this political idea underwent a resurgence.


Political System
European Assembly of Unions is, in fact, not a nation in traditional sense of the word. Even since the June Revolution, it is a tight union of various Trade Unions that completely supplanted the state. With every community being and autonomous, self-governed commune, with its government constitued by delegates of various trade unions that operate in the commune.   Every local commune then sends delegates to provincional councils, which, in turn, send delegates to regional council, which, in turn, send delegates to planetary councils. Which, in turn, send delegates to Supreme Council.   With such extreme decentralization of power, EAU is permanently torn asunder not only by dislikes between provinces, regions and planets (as they permanently try to outdo each other to gather further support), but also by schemes between vast Trade Unions, especially the ones that gather shipyard workers, soldiers, mariners, weapon manufacturers, scientists, and the like.
The greatest irony of EAU is that by taking down capitalism, the Revolution paved way for a de facto corporationism. As the enforced syndycalism slowly changed into it, with various Trade Unions permanently waging political wars (bloodless, but no less fierce) against each other to gain more and more power. With several attempts of limiting their power by dismantling them into a clouds of much less influential trade unions failing due to their resistance and power.   Its syndycalist (oficially) or corporationist (de facto) economy struggles due to internal fights between Trade Unions, a decentralization taken far too far, and with relatively inneficiently governed TUs that are also heavily prone to corruption even despite EAU being currencyless society.

Public Agenda

Public agenda of European Assembly of Union is simple - spreading further glories and achievements of June Revolution throughout human space, while dismantling a 'fascist', 'capitalistic' 'regimes' believing in 'false idols' of religions.   However, the main problem of EAU is that it simply can't expand, since it is landlocked between two heavily defended star sectors, with hyperlanes being a bottleneck that they have to pierce through. A well protected bottlenecks. With several attempts of breaching through completely unsuccesfull, with massive casualties on the side of Revolutionary Navy Trade Union.   Due to that, EAU currently continues its international policy of trying to indirectly achieve breaking out from its 'prison' by assisting various militant socialist and anarchosyndycalist movements galaxywide, hoping to spread its ideology that way.


EAU shares typical set of problems with describing its history to all totalitarian states. With its own sources extremely unreliable – with most Trade Unions falsifying them as they please – there is a very limited ammount of informations that can be considered more or less certain. EAU loves to rewrite its own history to make June Revolution look even more glorious... with next to no respect for truth.   What can be believed with more or less certainty is that somewhere along early Unification Wars, Dutch colony of New Copenhagen was overtaken by anarchosyndycalist movement. With the state practically supplanted by Trade Unions, and with supposed approval of the population. How exactly such an extremist worldview came to be accepted is a mystery, with many believing that New Copenhagen government was simply defeated in a coup, with the 'approval' part written later.   It is also believed, that prior to the rise of anarchosyndycalists the New Copenhagen world was a relatively stable democracy with very widespread corporationism as it was created by a group of liberal capitalists from Denmark. Which might be cause of victory of anarchosyndycalist, with them having corporations to blame for all problems of their state economy, especially with rather weak central government, next to incapable of addressing the serious political and economy problems.   Soon a crisis came, with war against nearby colony of New Holstein (that underwent violent regime change into some sort of neofascism) depleting the New Copenhagen of much needed money, and with several years long economic depression at all fields beside these military. With people more and more desperate, and hardline liberals (on the verge of being libertarian) denying them any help, they finally started listening to radicals. Somewhere along the ultimate triumph over New Holstein a civil war occured, with socialists movement called Socialist Party of Denmark fielding a notable militia forces against the ruling market liberals from quite simply called party Freedom.   Just as a civil war was waged, another 'coup' happened, about which next to is known for sure, today venerated as June Revolution. It started supposedly due to certain group called State Is Wrong, that spread throughout Navy following its victory against New Holstein and during being a spectators watching the civil war from the orbit while doing nothing.   What start as a strike of mariners soon escalated into creation of Mariners Union and replacing officers with military councils. Rebellion supposedly spread like wildfire, with next to no resistance (which can be safely considered an effect of propaganda effort and history editing), soon spreading throughout the planet, with both Freedom and Socialist Party of Denmark taken down within a year by the forces of glorious June Revolution.   After reforms made according to anarchosyndycalism reform and annexation of New Holstein, the newly created EAU (due to name already hell bent on conquering at least whole star sector) began its campany of conquests against neighbouring star systems, finally taking down all oponents in the span of twenty years of wars.

Demography and Population

EAU is relatively least extremist of extremist states, with all religions and political ideas other than those 'righteous' still persecuted to the point of execution, but with banishment still considered a possibility for at least those that were not found to harbour some sort of plans against the State, with even those that possess dangerous knowledge prefered mindwiped and banished.   The entire population of EAU is estimated to reach 25 000 000 000, with mild mass breeding policies introduced (including anticonception allowed only after having three children) causing its further increase, albeit not as fast as for example in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.   Out of this approximately 78% being homo sapiens sapiens, 20% Variants and 2% aliens, with next to no discrimination existing.


Rather than Navy itself, EAU possessess a Revolutionary Navy Trade Union (RNTU), which is a Trade Union of all mariners. With admirals and officers being not ranks, but rather certain appointments, with exactly 100% of mariners being more or less equal rank.   As such RNTU tends to field force commandered by incompetents, with main achievements being a purely political work as a part of its Trade Union structure. On the other hand, the complete equality has some advantages, mainly occasionally found gems that in for example Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would be quickly purged for 'dangerous' initiative.   As such, RNTU is rather unpredictable in terms of its commanders skills, with fleet composition assembled to exploit it, with surprisingly fast and maneuvrable fleets with vast numbers of fast and pocket battleships, that in case of their commander outwitting their enemies can be used as a truly deadly weapon, while in other case allowing fast retreat.   As such RNTU is known to use a hit & run tactics combined with convoy raiding to slowly bleed out enemies. Or at least that's how it work during the conquest of Sector 22, as since then most of the ships it was observed to use were monitors and dreadnoughts, used as an ironfist to breach through fortified hyperlanes entries.
Ground Forces
[justify[Revolutionary Army Trade Union (RATU) is a surprisingly capable force, able to muster quite massive forces while still keeping a decent quality of them, with majority of RATU being local militias. They are well motivated (especially in defense), and undergo regular trainings. Truly elite forces of the Galaxy, for example Fourth Reich Waffen SS or Kingdom of Poland Wojsko Kwarciane, will still steamroll it, of course. But after doing that they will only encounter more, and more soldiers, until they will finally run out of steam.   Intriguing part is the fact, that officially such militias are fielded (or, to be more precise, funded) by other Trade Unions, which leads to awkward situation of RATU division composed of various batallions and brigades hailing from for example Cleaners Trade Union of X City, or Farmers Trade Union of Y City.   Such militia is supported by a core force of well trained and armed Red Guard, composed of regular members of RATU. Relatively rarely seen on a battlefields (with EAU still landlocked and incapable of winning space battles to change that), it is however considered above level of average Outer Colonies formations. While militias are trained to mainly defend line and repel attackers, Red Guard are both mobile reinforcements and assault formations, using mechanized and tank formations to breach through enemy lines.

Freedom to Working Class!

European Assembly of Unions
Capital: Bakunin Spire on New Copenhagen
Official Languages: Variety
Religion: Atheism (all religions outlawed)
Government: Anarchosyndycalism
Faction: Fourth International
Current ruler: Supreme Council
Population: Approx. 25 000 000 000.
Currency: None.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Syndycalists, Syndycs, Eurounion, European Assembly.
Syndycs, Euro(u)ns.
Parent Organization
Fifth International


Both sides hate each other, as EAU considers all of them crazy radicals, while PoS considers EAU a threat (since it would happily help in kicking them out of Outer Colonies).


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