Fifth International

Fifth International is an Outer Colonies faction that is composed of various anarchosyndycalist and anarchist states, communes and organizations, dedicated to spreading anarchosyndycalist cause throught the stars.   What bonds them together is the need to defend the 'achievements' of Revolutions against a variety of counterrevolutonaries that permanently threaten them... mostly simply by existing. Which must be undone. They are also connected with their disdain for Pact of Steel [PoS] (while still refusing to vote for their exclusion, due to it being a threat to acceptance of Fifth International.

Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
Anarchosyndycalists, Anarchist International. Red & Blacks.
Parent Organization
Confederation of Mankind
Subsidiary Organizations


Both sides hate eachother heavily, while also sometimes cooperating (shortly) against less extreme Factions.


Both sides hate each other, although the Res Publica Christiana reserve its deepest hatred to Pact of Steel. Fifth International hides its revolutionarism and hatred well.


Both sides believ each other to be betrayers of worker's cause.


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