Alliance of Sovereign Worlds

Alliance of Sovereign Worlds is sometimes considered a sick man of NNAT. It is a country that, while undoubtedly powerful, suffers from many internal and external problems that make it look a lot like a collosus... built from clay. It regularly requires military help from either the rest of NNAT states from the Eastern American Cluster or - rarely - even from a Res Publica Christiana, which in most cases takes a form of a neocrusade.   It is, in fact, mostly not its own fault. Alliance suffers from extremely bad geopolitical situation in the Orwell's Nightmare sector, with all of its current problems being merely a result of a long series of unfortunate events.


Alliance is, well, an alliance. This - however obvious - thing is also the reason for a big part of its current problems. Alliance was never supposed to be a country. It was created as a defensive alliance, made to halt the offensive of The Technocracy armies and fleets that threatened to extinguish all manner of societies (be it democracies or dictatorships) in the sector.   Because of that it was never given a proper, centralized structure, forever locked in a decentralized quasi-confederation. It is no secret that the only thing that keeps the Alliance as a one country is the still existing threat of The Technocracy. Without this unifying element, the Alliance would long ago broke into at least two dozen independent states.   Because of that, while Alliance does possess both a Senate and an Executive Council (local equivalent of a presidential seat, done collectively by a group of individuals), their power is severely limited. Most of the power in the Alliance lies in the hands of local, in most cases planetary, governments. That range from oligarchic council through democratically elected representatives, to straight old military dictatorships.   What's worse, they tend to change from time to time, as at least several local governments is almost notoriously unstable. Many of them are also rather... exotic, due to the region being colonized by last waves of colonizations that often included very... original individuals.

Public Agenda

Survival. The only goal and agenda of Alliance is survival. There is very little love between various planets that are a part of it, so the only thing that keeps the Alliance together is the permanent threat of the assault from the Technocracy. The second it is destroyed it will collapse as well, and probably in a rather bloody way.


Alliance was formed in the late Unification Wars period by every political entity in the sector 40 that was yet to be devoured by the rapidly expanding Technocracy. None of them could face the seemingly unending legions and fleets of the Technocratic Unity alone, but together... together they had chance.   And they succeeded.   The Alliance has managed to force the war into a stalemate by using logistics against its enemy. As in case of many more David vs Goliaths scenarioes in the world, Technocracy couldn't defeat the numerically inferior forces of the Alliance simply due to logistic nightmare that a massive space war is. Especially when enemy is ready to use deep raids (destroying orbital infrastructure of entire systems) and send corsairs after your cargo vessels.   Since then Alliance exists in an unease state of peace, regularly interrupted by local civil wars and short total wars against Technocracy. That are short mostly because the enemy offensives always end up bogged down at frontier planets, while international help keep strengthening the Alliance to a point when it actually manages to push the enemy back.

Demography and Population

Very varied. Around 50% are baseline humans, 47% are various Variants, and 3% are 'domesticated' forms of aliens. There are some traces of racism (or specieism) in at least some of the member states, but it is in no way supported by the Alliance government. Also, due to international pressure, it never takes form of more... firm policies, remaining mostly as a common steoretypes.


None. Alliance officialy doesn't possess neither army nor fleet. Its member states, however, are a completely different case... This remains as a massive weakness of its defensive effort, as each time the Technocracy attacks, the Alliance needs to spend a while trying to organize some sort of common defense. Such deals rarely survive for long after the armistice is signed, due to changes in internal policy.


In terms of religion it is a melting pot, with both Neocatholic Church and Paleocatholic Church vying for control over the souls of the Alliance inhabitants. The exact numbers are difficult to measure, since why officially its 60% to 30% for Neocatholic Church (with the rest being various 'Others') many member states (especially those ruled by dictators) ten to falsify the polls for political reasons.   Officially the Alliance remains a Neocatholic Church adherent, but with significant degree of tolerance to other faiths. It doesn't stop the Church from expansion attempts, that sometimes blossom into short-term flirts between the Alliance government and Res Publica Christiana.

Foreign Relations

Alliance has very little in terms of foreign relations. His external policy is mostly a sort of common ground between member states, meaning that it tends to... fluctuate in accordance to political changes inside the Alliance. Which takes form of brief flirts between the Alliance and Ancien RĂ©gime or Res Publica Christiana.

For Freedom

Alliance of Sovereign Worlds
Capital: Capital Spire on New Mexico
Official Languages: English
Religion: Neocatholic Church
Government: Confederation/Federation
Faction: New North Atlantic Treaty
Current ruler: Executive Council
Population: Approx. 19 000 000 000.
Currency: Variety
Official State Religion
Catholic Church
Neighboring Nations


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