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Did you know that monsters are real? All the things you have nightmares about, all the things that go bump in your worst nights, those things are real somewhere in the world.
We hunt them. We have for generations. We're the Lockard family and we will hunt down the things that threaten you and kill them, banish them. We will protect you and you will probably never see us do it.
Our generation starts with Dex and John. They are our fathers, our uncles, the origin of our awareness of the world. Dex sees it in Vietnam. John sees it much closer to home when his wife is stolen from him and he is left with three children to raise with an aching heart and a burning for revenge.
Dex's daughter Caroline continues the heritage of lorekeeper as a librarian. She is always there when someone needs to know something or even just needs someone to confirm a story. John's son, Charlie and his daughter, Jenny throw themselves into the lifestyle of hunters, determined to find what killed their mother and save as many lives along the way as they can. Gunnar, though, John's middle son, looks at that life and turns the other way. Gunnar wants a normal life, but the normal life doesn't want him.
Even in the midst of magic and violence, there are opportunities for love. Dex finds a stray Alley cat in a bar. Charlie falls in love with the high school outcast. Nothing is ever simple, but romance and chaos go hand-in-hand. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Short Stories

Sashi's World

Dear John