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Utility Arms

Utility arms are a common sight in Livastia with LAI, whether it be driving alongside the bot, attached to them like a limb, or several sitting in a booth or shop window for purchase/rental. They've become not only a huge help, but a necessity to larger LAI/MAI, and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, and various tools are made to be attached to them for optimal usage.


This tool is mainly used as, well, an arm. Since larger LAI and most MAI weren't made with them, it's certainly helpful to have a pair at the ready whenever you need them. Most don't vouch for the attached arms, and rather go for the wheeled/tracked models that they can either carry around on their side or let it drive along with them.
Utility Arms
Access & Availability
Utility Arms are made to be very readily accessible to LAI whether it be for purchase of for rent. They can be found in facilities where they'd be useful to the bot, or purchasable online or in stores centered around other modern tools and utilities.
As far as complexity goes, Utility arms are similar in function and default appearance to industrial arms you'd see in factories. The big difference, though, is that they're mounted on either a wheeled/tracked base or mountable to the LAI, and the end of the arm, even though mainly equipped with a grabbing tool, is a simple receptacle that can connect to just about any tool with the right connectors.
This piece of tech sprung up more by demand than being something that was discovered, because ?? Lads need arms; even if they're not necessarily connected to them.

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