Welcome to the Durlon Kingdom

Old Empire Striving For New Life

A World of Exploration

Welcome to the Kingdom of Durlon. The oldest standing kingdom on the continent of Rinas. Once the dominant nation, now struggles to hold on to what is left.

Durlon is a setting for adventure inspired by stories of medieval Europe, steampunk, and magi-tech writings and games.

In Durlon much is changing as the world advances. The invention of steam power is quickly finding its way into advancement that makes people's lives simpler. However, with advancement comes jealously, conflict, and fear of the unknown and change.

Vast tracks of grassland, hills, and forest, spots with strange area changed by the influences of Aether and multiple cities, towns, and villages to trek as you explore Durlon.

In Durlon you'll find plenty of chance for adventure as you explore this world that will be driven by your own motivations and personal goals against the threats that loom over your home and nation.


A Brief History of the Durlon Kingdom

Durlon was once the flourishing and shining kingdom that controlled more than two-thirds of the continent. It's capitol Freehold being the founding city of the empire after the fall of the Elven Conclave. The free races flocked to the area and began to settle and make their home. The kingdom grew for over two-hundreds years before faction ideology, religion, military, and personal freedoms exploded into a great war that severed the one great kingdom in five new kingdoms, during the great war a sixth kingdom rousted from its slumber and challenged the might of the whole continent as fought each other.

For over a hundred years, the continent knew no peace, battlelines, and borders shifted daily, and your average citizen lived in fear if they'd see another sunrise. The power of the arcane was unleashed to an extent, not since the fall of the Elven nation. When the war was over, the once-great kingdom that was founded on the freedom from the elves was a mere shadow of its former self.

In the aftermath of the war, Durlan spent many years rebuilding from the damage and losses they suffered. The great spirit that led them to their freedom and the charisma of the Durlon family pulled together the hopes of the people and they once again stood on their own feet after a hard struggle. This small kingdom has endured being a small independent nation due to its ingenuity. Being the first to find ruins of the precursors discovered within their borders, Durlon is the far ahead of other nations in their advances. Durlon currently boasts the latest technology of Steam-tech and Aether-tech. While in their infancy they are working hard to put this new-found knowledge to their advantage, even among threats, espionage, and border incursions.

Tension At A Breaking Point

The greatest threat to the current way of life in the kingdom is the breaking of The Great Hope Treaty, the ancient binding document that adjudicates the current peace among the nation is being strained to his minute limits as every nation does whatever it must to find, claim, and plunder unearthed precursor ruins. Every nation believes these hold new powers that will give them the strength they need to break the treaty.

Unchaining Magic

In the last couple of years, a new movement has begun to make an appearance in the kingdom and rumored to be seen in other nations around the continent as well. This movement emphasizes the freedom of Arcanist and removing them from the metaphorical shackles the Arcanium requires of all those who possess arcane magic.

Science vs Arcane


With the rise of new science and technology, the arcane community feels threatened by as it draws more people away from the arcane arts and research and into the new path of knowledge of science and mechanics. The Otemus Arcanium was often found protesting outside the Vistarian Institute in Freehold. These protests have even lead to verbal and physical fights between the arcanists and the scientists.

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Cities of Durlon

The power of Durlon lies in its major cities. The capital controlled by the royal family and the other ruled by nobles loyal to the Durlon line. However, in a nation such as Durlon, peace always has a price and there is always someone with larger pockets.

Each city looks to expand its influence over the nation and the royal family leading to political maneuvering and changing loyalties. However, the strength of this nation still stands strong against those who threaten from without the borders.


The First Free City

Freehold, also know as the First Free City is the capital of the Durlon Kingdom. Home of the reigning monarch and many nobles, the city boost the largest population in the kingdom. Built on the ruins of what was once an elven citadel-city, very little remain of elven architecture. It is here that the first settlement was built after the successful rebellion against the Elven regime that dominated for thousands of years.

Being the first free city and a place of protection and gathering to all the freed races, Freehold was and remained a very diverse city. You'll find nearly every race represent within the wall of the city. Many have formed their district based around their culture and needs, but everyone lives in general peace.

Freehold currently leads the continent in advancements. Exploring the city you'll see many heavy tasks now being done by steam-powered machinery. The city lighting is also powered by the first discovered into Aether-Tech, the Glowglobe, which prominent supply lighting all the major districts in the city. The latest advancement in steamgear is the Autocart, a very large steam-powered caravan, that currently runs on rails between Freehold and Wessfield.


The City of Nets

The glorious marine city along the coast of the Coral Sea. The docks of Wessfield stretch for miles along the coast supporting the vast fishing and underwater harvesting that feeds the economy of the city and provides vital resources to the kingdom. Trade between the capital and Wessfield has increased greatly since the Autocart became operational.

Well known for its delicacy Silverscale Trouts, people come from far and wide to taste this amazing yet expensive treat. Home to many clerics of Zymmera due to the healing herbs and materials that are abundantly harvested.

The real power behind the city is the dockworkers, who control the cities marina and the people who are allowed to work and profit from the cities resources. This has always been in contention with the cities leader, Lord Alcur Kimas.


The City of Art

A city built that has grown into a cultural center within Durlon. With the cities resources of plants, minerals, and sea life to create inks and dyes as well a large supply clay that is perfect for sculpting brings many artists of all types flocking to Falkirk. The home of Welton Worthing and Welton's Wagons of Worldy Wonder and much of his talented troupe have brought of the storm of bards and performers that now make their home in the city hoping to become a member of this illustrious show. Many schools of bardic and performer talent can also be found filling the city along with its plethora of inn and tavern for those students and citizens to claim a spot on open performance night.

The city has become a must-stop for many travelers to the Durlon Kingdom. Around this has also grown an extravagant nightlife within the city. The Glitter District has become well known across Durlon for its wide selection of gambling, prostitution, and other assorted night-time entertainment, including the bloody, yet illegal underground sport of Iron Boxing.


A Vineyard Paradise

A beautiful city built on the shores of Miramal Lake, one can see the enormous castle that towers as the central point of Eswick. Fertile farmland stretches for miles around the city and the lake offers plentiful amounts of agriculture around the city. The most notable of them being the acres of vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Eswick as always been well known for their amazing breweries and the cities founder and first lord Miramal Longshire was a master brewer with fine taste. Miramal loved to share his creations and from that love was born the Lakeshore Wine Festival, which is held yearly at the culmination of the vineyard harvest.

Port Sinas

The Twin Cities

One of the twin cities founded by the twin brothers Sinas and Ayers Ranadi, great generals in the Chained Rebellion that served under Gavin Durlon. These cities are nearly identical to one another in construction, layout, and form, except in the cultures that evolved there. Sinas strived hard to continue to support the ever-growing kingdom in hopes of peace. He built a gigantic war college called The Freedom Academy. Through him and his line, he trained hundreds of thousands of soldiers to protect the peace and join the Durlon Guard. The town grew around supporting the military, with abundant supplies of minerals and metals found in the hills within the province, the town supports the finest and most numerous craftsman in all of the kingdom.

To this day, all soldiers train at The Freedom Academy before earning a commission in the Durlon Guard. and only the elite of the elite is selected to join the Watch or the Durlon Royal Guard. All military assignments are posted out from Port Sinas and graduates learn where they will be stationed a few weeks after graduation.

Port Ayers

The Twin Cities

One of the twin cities founded by the twin brothers Sinas and Ayers Ranadi, great generals in the Chained Rebellion that served under Gavin Durlon. These cities are nearly identical to one another in construction, layout, and form, except in the cultures that evolved there. Ayers experiences in the rebellion left a bitter taste in his mouth and the execution of the Elven leader he vehemently disagreed with how it ended and had begged the others to negotiate a peace. Ayers and his brother were ever at odds from that time and he focused his studies on diplomacy and believed education could change the warring ways of people. He created Ayers University and it became the premier center for learning and study.

Ayers became a vast city of knowledge, full of wisdom and knowledge. Hosting not only the University but more libraries and book shops. With large amounts of pasture land and field, Ayers become a dominating power in textiles. Moving these textiles over the sea also developed several lucrative shipwright guilds. Many scholars, scribes, arcanists, and teachers make their way to the city to research. An underground business of information dealers and fixers has known to exist somewhere in the city.


The Gateway of Trade

The mecca of trade in southern Durlon and into the kingdom. Most goods coming in from the Republic or Neverine are brought up the large rivers that border on each side of the city of Cordella. The river trade route is favored for its speed over other routes such as those through the Llyrana Mountains and Llyrana Fortress checkpoint. Valadrian traders also tend to make this one of their first top heading west as the city has become a robust trading market for local and distant merchants alike.

Originally founded by Fizzlethrottle clan, a prominent gnome merchant family, looking to establish their base of operations. This location had once been very central to the kingdom when it was at its largest and grew quickly as a center point of trading routes. Its location now still offers it a very prominent trading location being closest to the borders of Valadrian and the Republic.


The City of Coin and Steel

Home to the southern guard garrison, Dawndale is a city of steel and coin currently housing the headquarters for many mercenary companies, adventuring companies, seekers of fortune, and the Durlon Guard. Forces from Dawndale are regularly cycled out to and from Llyranne Fortress. Many famous members of The Blades began their life here rising through the ranks of mercenary companies and adventuring parties.

Originally, the staging ground for the final defense of Duron against the Republic, Dawndale has since grown into a military complex that houses, supports, and deploys many of the Durlon Guard in the south as well as became home to many of the countries mercenary and adventuring companies.

Races of Durlon

From the shores of the Coral Sea to the sky-high peaks of the Llyrana Mountains, the inhabitants of Durlon represent a diverse mix of races. Some of the most notable races of Durlon are listed below; while there are other races, there smaller numbers don't bring as much notice as these:

Humans: A variety of human cultures can found among the citizens of Durlon. Humans can be found populating almost any city and town you visit. As leaders of the rebellion, they were looked up to for many centuries before the world had rebuilt enough for everyone to start finding their own way in the world.

Elves: The last couple of centuries the elves have begun to reintegrate into society. The road has been hard and old pains are hard to forget, but humbling themselves before the those they once enslaved has started to ingratiate them with others. No longer are they the pariah they once were, but still not fully trusted. The elven population continues to dwindle, its cause still unknown.

Dwarves: The majority of dwarves can be found deep within the Llyrana mountains in the underground homes. You'll still find plenty of them living among the cities and are known for being a very capable craftsman.

Halfings: Found in many Durlon settlements, halflings tend to be a cherry and optimistic folk that is often doing anything in their power to make where they reside a better community. Those halflings that don't live in many of the mixed settlements will be found them making their homes in the more hilly areas of Durlon.

Gnomes: Inquisitive and avid explorers, Gnomes, make there home wherever they find something interesting to explore or discover. Still found frequently in any settlement, however, large communities of them can be found in around Cordella.

Dragonborn: Cousin to the dragons, the Dragonborn sees themselves as chosen of the gods being related to some of the most powerful creatures known to roam Liria. Dragonborn tend to live among their own communities, but can be found running businesses and in positions of power or influence.

Ulkaro: A peaceful nomadic people that travel the plains and forests of Rinas. Their large size, green skin, and tusk falsely give off a hostile visage. They tend to avoid any large civilization unless they require supplies they can not craft on their own. They are known for following the migration patterns of the wildlife that sustains them.

Magnates: Tall, strong, with grey or brown-skinned mountain race, usually seen heavily tattooed. They make their homes in the deep mountain valley believing their destiny lies within its peaks. The mountains fit well with the Magnates' ideals of survival of the fittest. Very rarely will you see one living outside the mountains, but can be found in town for trade, drinking, or a good fight.

Seraphim: A rare race that is known for their brilliant hair color that shines in the light of the sun or moon, most have alabaster skin, and eyes that have a light glow behind them. They can be found living in just about any place in Durlon. It is unknown where they come from or how they came to be. There are those that believe them to be blessed by the gods, revere them, while others fear them, for so little is known about their truth.

Nephilim: A extremely rare race with chromatic skin colors, tails, and horns. Feared by many as monsters, they tend to avoid the larger populations. However, unlike the Seraphim, it is believed that the Nephilim are cursed by the god for some sin passed down through by their line. As with the Seraphim, their appearance is also a mystery.

Raionwaru: A rare sight within the borders of Durlon. The Raionwaru are known for being very isolationist. You'll rarely see one outside of Kiyoka but for a few reasons. Ambassadors who represent the Kiyokan Shogun or exiles from the country. Lastly, trade, merchants are able to sell rare goods from Kiyokan at exorbitant prices in lands outside their kingdom. Beware a meeting of a Raionwaru and an elf, it will always end in blood.

Lokokin: These lupines are known for there fierce skills in battle and many have achieved great honor under their Daimyo lords. Every rarely seen outside of Kiyoka and those that are have taken on bounty jobs.

Chisana: Felines known for their stealth and deadliness that leads the mystery of the shinobi clans within the Kiyokans. Used often for espionage, assassination, and infiltration, against other countries and within their own as well.

Gnolls: A civilized Gnoll is not unheard of but extremely unlikely. Vicious pack hunters and scavengers that roam the forest and plains. The Gnolls hunting tends to put them in contentions with the Ulkaro causing bloody clashes for hunting grounds and food. Gnolls tend to avoid larger population areas but are known to attack smaller towns and villages.

Durlon Culture

Durlon's culture is a system based around medieval feudalism. Social standing can easily top the importance of family name or lineage.

The major classes recognized throughout the land are;

- Royalty: The name given to those that rule the country and their family

- Nobility: Lord and Ladies that serve the monarchy while maintaining their vassals and fiefdoms.

- Religious: The sanctity of the churches and the influence they hold put them in this standing.

- Knight/Vassal: Those awarded land by the nobility with their allegiances to their Lord and King.

- Artisans: While not holding rank, their skills afford them a higher social standing.

- Peasants: Those who farmed and worked the land or performed jobs under those with land, peasant do not own land.

- Indentured: Any person who has incurred debt that they were not able to repay, they are forced to work for those they owe until the debt is repaid.

Overseers of the Arcane

The thousands of years of horror and oppression laid upon non-elves was enabled and enforced by the extensive and powerful knowledge of the Arcane that the elves possessed. Until the rebellion and the knowledge that they captured secretly over time from the elves, they discovered that members of the non-elf races could access the same power as the elves possessed.

Non-elves found their magic to be more potent than that of an elf. The rebellion deduced that all elves being able to access arcane energies, while still very powerful, it still diluted a single elf's access to so much power. A war waged with magic was bloody and destructive. Once the rebellion achieved victory a faction of arcanists who believed that unless the arcane is monitors and controlled, it could grow out of check as it did with the elves.

The Otemus Arcanium was created and anyone born with the ability to access the Aether is visited by the Arcanium and given a choice; come to the Arcanium be trained and marked as an arcanist, or be taken for Severing which removes the person's connection to Aether. If one chooses neither and runs, that person becomes a fugitive to all members of the Arcanium. Due to the agreement with all the nation that allows them to have guild branches in every city, the city guard has no duty to capture fugitive arcanists, but have known to report them.

Note: This does not apply to divine magics as they are considered blessings of the gods and not the unpredictable power of the arcane.


Once a vital tool of the Elven empire and by others after the rebellion as a form of revenge. Great slave caravans once roamed the country capturing and selling slaves during the Elven Conclaves reign. Slave Trading was a lucrative, but dangerous business and the elves found it was easy to manipulate those they enslaved into enslaving their own people. Many members of the non-elves races would take up the job of Slave Trader as a way out of the chains of their own bondage. While no longer in chains, these slavers still owed their freedom to the elves and served them, some out of fear and others out of loyalty.

Entire cities had grown up around the slave trade that became bases of operation for many caravans and as a place to train, store, and buy or sell from when not on the road. These places lasted until the rebellion burned them down, killed many of the slavers, and took many others as prisoners. When the war ended no one could agree on what to do with the capture slavers and they ended up in chains themselves working hard labor. Eventually, this practice ended, but pockets of slavery continued to pop up underground selling people to criminal organizations, secret slave mines, and other sex workers.

Eventually, the Great Realm War saw an increase in slavery as many prisoners were worked to death. The Great Hope Treaty finally put an end to slavery with its harsh penalties of death for the slaver and any persons involved with them. Sadly, lesser forms of slavery still exist, such as indentured service, in Durlon, which one in debt has the option to enter into for repayment. The Kiyokan offers prisoners a two-year term to serve their captures to earn release. However, the Kiyokans were treated so cruelly by the elves, that if one is captured, they face either execution or a life of slavery.

Freedom Festival

This kingdom-wide festival is celebrated throughout the Durlon Kingdom on the 1st of Amiel every year. This holiday is celebrated at large in every city in Durlon with smaller celebrations found in many of the towns and villages. The festivities last for a full week of which time many distractions are offered to the citizens and guests such as entertainers, merchants, craftsmen, and swindlers.

In recent years, the festival has also been a grand show for the kingdom's debut of new technologies and sciences that have been uncovered from the research of the ruins. This had brought larger amounts of people to the year event, some with more nefarious purposes.

The Feast of Sidheag

The three-day autumn harvest festival which is always celebrated on the second Erek of Israer. This celebration offers thanks for the harvest goddess Sidhaeg and prayers for her blessing of a healthy and bountiful harvest. This celebration is not usually celebrated in cities, but almost universally among the rural towns and villages that do much of the farming.

New Year's Feast

Celebrated mostly by the upper classes, this holiday celebrates the coming of a new year, and those who celebrate it put on a lavish feast for friends and family. The more altruistic upper-class members also offer meals for those who work for them and their families.

Adoration Day/First Planting

A day that celebrated differently among part of society on the 1st of Malyr. For the farmers and ranchers, it is planting of the first crop seeds of the year or breeding coordination, respectively. In the towns and cities it a holiday celebrating the approach of spring with sing-songs of love and beauty while holding rambunctious celebrations at taverns and in the streets. Some groups of people are known to go door-to-door singing that spring is here.


Gods of Liria


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