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The Social Contract - World/Game/Playstyle

  • My storytelling may explore controversial and dark topics/themes including but not limited to slavery, racism, sexism, and more. Why? Because sometimes the context of the world or story may call for it. This world is not a utopia. As a GM, however, I will try to respect things that may go too far for my players. “Human” stories are what I prefer to tell.
  • I heavily encourage the use of natural language when role-playing. (ex: saying ‘I'm going to look through the desk and see if I can find a hidden drawer.” instead of “I’m going to roll perception to search the desk.”)
  • Preparation - I expect my players to know their characters, their abilities, and their actions. Why? For their sake and the sake of the other players. This allows combat to flow smoother and prevent waiting around for players to figure out what they want to do.
  • Attentiveness - I expect my player to know what is going on at the table, even if it’s not their turn. This again prevents the waste of time and having to repeat the same thing over and over.

Cover image: Bravely Second by Akihiko Yoshida


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