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"I struggled against the current, barely keeping my head above the water. Then Ceslovas extended his wings and silhouetted against the setting sun behind him pulled him from the raging river of reincarnation. Upon his great raft the river seemed much calmer and my journey much swifter."   -Tenran, The Love that Persists Through Death

Basic Information


The erenkal have human bodies with tengu heads and are occasionally depicted with wings. Sometimes art or costumes decpict clawed hands or feet.

Ecology and Habitats

Most of the erenkal inhabit the dreamworld, a place where they watch over the living and the dead.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Each of the erenkal has one duty to perform in their ordered society.

Civilization and Culture


The stories of the erenkal predate any tale written about them. They have long been worshipped by the peoples of the Zinato region.   The erenkal worshipped vary depending on the desires, needs, and wants of each community.

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