City Racing

Speed and knowledge lead to victory.

There are only a few ways across the main road, thought Ikrudiin to herself, and all the others will be taking them.
  They are unaware that there is a large group of travelling merchants leaving right now. If I take the shortest route to the main road, I can jump from wagon to wagon and my feet will never touch the road. The walkways will take them the long way around.
  They'll catch up to me at the finish.

The Sport of Roads and Rooves

This sport is popular in city of Burim where it originated as a way for couriers to compete with each other. The most important rule is that the best messenger is an alive messenger and as such, harming the competition is strictly prohibited. The long city has one main road that runs all the way from one side to the other and during the race, not a foot shall be set on the main road.   There are a large number of courses in Burim as any two points can serve as a start and finish and any number of checkpoints can be added in-between. Because there are a large number of roads, rooves, and shortcuts through a city of this size, knowledge of the area can be more important than running speed. Climbing onto building and running on rooves is permitted and actually very common in areas where the buildings are packed close together.
The Rules
Rule 1: No running on the main road.
Rule 2: No harming the competition.
Rule 3: No mounts allowed.


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