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The Multiverse

"So, how did it all began?

  Well, that's a actually a tricky question. Afterall, what is all? Is it Lindrinor? Or is it the sum of all the stars, planets, matter and energy, the so called "Universe"? Well, my friends, I think it's so much more. Through some unortoxed means, I've been able to connect with deities beyond our moral plane and they told me the truth: our universe, the one we call are own, is just one in a multitude of infinite others. Like I've always suspected, we're not specials. We never were. There's dimensions where The Arcana is not present and others where there aren't even superior entities to begin with! Even though we have the favor of our dimension's Ancients and Gods, they too are subordinated to the laws of physics and cosmology!

Just, like, us. Isn't that a wonder?"

Pundrin Truth-Seeker, excerpt removed from the begining of the book Multicology: Universes Beyond Our Own
Even though nobody believed Pundrin Truth-Seeker and his Multicology theory, he was right all the same. The universe in which the planet Lindrinor resides is nothing but one amongst an uncountable number of others. The Multiverse is real and it is bigger than any other being. It is the only thing that life cannot surpass neither conquer. The only one that was able to manipulate a little bit the dimensions and The Void that holds them all together was Amled, the Firstborn.
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