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The Halfling Uprising (De Hálfling Ãpiraisin)

The Conflict


The halflings did not have any rights in any of the realms. Even in Rockvar, the place in which there were even more halflings than humans, the Tiny Folk were marginalized and treated as "cuter little humans". Therefore, after some decades organizing, the infamous House Sackns gathered many of their kind and they formed the revolutionarie group known as The Small Separatists. Together they started a long and tiring fight against the realms of Rockvar and Rivien. The then leader of the House, Ordo Blientiel Sackins was the leader of this organization. He'd come to led the Tiny Folk fiercesoulsy and intelligently on the battles that were to come.


The halfling kingdom Bridgelum was created and Rockvar conceaded The Southern Lands and the Alendar Isthmus to the Halflings.


Almost all halflings that were scattered arround Lindrinor eventually decided to move to the new realm of Bridgelum. Although, for they adventurous spirit, many of the colonizers' children and grandchildren eventually travelled back to the rest of the world.
Battlefield Type
Start Date
389 BBE
Ending Date
379 BBE
Conflict Result
The Small Separatists emerged victorious after years of constant fight and struggle.


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