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Da-Da - Goblin Mercenary - CR 1


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Like all of his kind, Da-Da is a well-defined sturdy goblin. He has large shoulders and a small chubby tummy.

Identifying Characteristics

Da-Da has a scar on his upper lip (acquired in his birth) that leaves some of her teeth exposed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Da-Da Heel-Slasher was born in the slums of Orthanc. He was abandoned as a baby for having a deformed mouth and grew up on the streets. Eventually, when he came of age, he joined the Crambar Hulk Gunthar. A year after the Great War started, he was tasked to aid some elvish cultists in the village of Viládesal:. There, he captured Lana Cinereus for the cultists and safely delivered her to them. He's been waiting for payment ever since.

Intellectual Characteristics

Like many of his kind, Da-Da is very cunning and quick-thinking.

Personality Characteristics


Da-Da just wants to live life to its fullest and make acquire some riches in the process.

Wealth & Financial state

Has 3 gp with him, but carries a pouch containing 68 cp, 39 sp, 21 gp.
Current Location
Year of Birth
77 ABE
Intense Yellow
Wavy "Careca Cabeludoo"
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned White
1 m
30 kg
Aligned Organization


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