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Crambar Hulk Gunthar


The Crumbar Hulk Gunthar is the one and only Gunthar that operates with free agents. There's only a small council that receives and directs missions to the mercenaries.


The Crambar Hulk Gunthar was formed by the goblins known as Crin-Crin Eye-Piercer and Tar-Tor Belly Cutter. They decided to, after tried being in many different Gunthars, develop their own, one in which there wasn't a clear leader. There would be a small council that would receive the missions and they would be passed on to the agents according to each one's current position and abilities. And since then they have been thriving, being amongst the strongest Gunthars that have ever existed.

"A lone blade can slay even a god"

Founding Date
1609 BBE
Formation Type
Related Species


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