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Amled's Petrifying Curse

Transmission & Vectors

Amled, casts this curse during fits of rage and despair. It tolls they very much, therefore they do not do it so often. In order to do it, he screams some blsfemous words in the Void tongue


This curse was cast by Amled, the Deity of Instinct and Despair, a few times thorughout history:
  • He infected most of the inhabitants of the ancient Nathdom Empire upon the end of the The Battle of Sorrows. However, the corpses that remained intact were de-petrified as a consequence of Rashmar, the Hungry creating his magical Crater. These people have, since then, re-creating their society
  • The Dwarves were also victims of this same spell. By the end of the Banishment War, Amled had already cursed all of the dwarvenkin into stone. They were, however, brought back by the Elves during the Gods War (the gods told the elves about the dwarves' existence, and how they could prove valuable assets in the war).


I mean... You turn into stone!


There are a few treatments for this condition, such as:
  • Casting a spell that Removes a Curse
  • Applying Relict Balm in the stone-corpse


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