City of Dri'el'teisko (e: ciaˈtʲoː ʃcɾʲə dʲɾʲeːɫˈt̪ˠəi̯sˠkɔ)

It was nestled deep in the mountainside, our City of Dri'el'teisko was a place of peace and tranquility. It was a haven for the Chitchrota'r, far above the barbarism of the outside world. Sitting between two mountain peaks, the city was cloaked in a perpetual twilight, illuminated by beautiful crystal towers that cast a soft, calming light. They were adorned with intricate carvings, depicting our history. Built from living wood and shaped stone, winding pathways connect its many dwellings, courtyards, and gardens across several wards.   The elves of Dri'el'teisko shared a deep connection to the surrounding environment. We built our city in harmony with the natural landscape, and the city was surrounded by the lush forests and meadows in our valley. We adopted a reverence for nature and guarded our forests vigilantly against all threats.   Our city was a place of beauty, peace, and harmony. It was our refuge. It will be again.
  • Chia Bronehva
  • History

    Among the northern cities occupied by Chitchrota'r elves, Dri'el'teisko sat in the mountains between modern Palacuun and Einelund. A trade hub between the east and the west, it was a wealthy city until the mass elven exodus peceding the Cataclysm, whereupon it was lost to time.

    With the recent resurgence of elves throughout the world, rumors of the city's existence are leading treasure hunters to the mountains in hopes of finding the riches that must be buried in the mountains.
    The City of Dri'el'teisko serves as the location of the D23 Megadungeon Challenge.


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    Cover image: Kealaphus World Map by Kay Fullmer


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