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Life After Moonrise

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Welcome to Life After Moonrise

A supernatural superhero RP

  Our story follows the events of a fictionalized Philadelphia in which werewolves, vampires, and more have lived among humans in secret for thousands of years. They've walked among the common man every day, undetected. Some of these super naturals exploit their powers for crime and profit, while others are just trying to live a somewhat normal life while they can. It's easier said than done. That's been the status quo for centuries, but the times are changing.   Over the past few years, Enhanced Humans have emerged. People with super powers, super humans, mutants, whatever you'll call them. They're people with a wide range of powers, some able to see the future, others have laser eyes, super speed, power over the elements, the ability to destroy objects at a molecular levle, and things far crazier. Society must adapt to the new normal, but that too, is easier said than done.   Dr.Rush has lead the charge into the next era of humanity with a program to train and license heroes, a lab to research the changes in human biology, and a small private army to help police super human criminals until the rest of the world has caught up. The only problem is the criminals and the super naturals not ready to be pulled into the light. The world will not change without putting up a fight.   Be sure to read The Story So Far for a quick rundown of the major events to date.    

Getting Started

Read our Rules and Site Terms, then click the link below to join the server. Once inside, introduce yourself and chat with Archy to get started on a character.