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Roleplay Guidelines

You have your character(s). We have a server full of people and stories. It’s time to be that hero you want to be, but we still need to get along. It is especially important to be a good RP’er with your partners. We don’t mean that you can write with the grace and elegance of a literary legend. You can post with any level of writing skill. We mean getting along with your fellow heroes (and villains) and having a fun time.

Consider the Following When Playing

‣ You are an EQUAL partner with the other players. Collaborate on your story.
  ‣ If you cannot compromise in writing a story, please try to bow out of the play gracefully and with minimal disruption.
  ‣ Be aware that your character cannot see, hear, and know everything being written.
  ‣ Take Turns. Do not post until the rest of your party has posted. Do not leave others behind.
  ‣ If players are currently engaged in play, do not barge in. Ask first, then join them. You are not owed space in their story.
  ‣ Expect others to treat you the same as you treat them. Cooperate, be allies, and take on evil (or good), on even footing.
  ‣ Do NOT , ping, or pester other players. They will get to you when they can.

Character Design Guidelines

We’re all here to RP and have a good time. That means having a character, having a story, and exploring that with everyone else here. You could have one character, you could have an entire army of them. Whatever your character(s), they’ll reflect you and what you want to do on our server. You’re the hero of your own story, BUT so is everyone else. We need to have some common understanding amongst ourselves, some balance in victory and defeat, power and weakness, so we all get along.

Consider the Following When Making Your Character(s)

‣ The stronger your character is, the bigger their weaknesses.
  ‣ Your powers cannot solve every problem. Every power has a weakness.
  ‣ You will not ALWAYS save the day.
  ‣ You will not ALWAYS win. Some days you need to get your ass kicked.
  ‣ Your character(s) need consistency. Their backstory and personality should be constants.
  ‣ One character cannot be everything.
  ‣ Before making your character more powerful or more complex, consider making a second, third, X’th character.
  Underage characters are explicitly banned. 18+ characters only.

Getting Help

If you are new to RP’ing or wish to improve, we have many experienced players on the server who would be happy to help you craft better characters and stories. We have rooms dedicated to furthering your skills and experiences as players. You can post in the below rooms for assistance.


‣ Learn to write more involved stories.
  ‣ Learn to write better posts.
  ‣ Get feedback on plots/ideas you are considering.

Character Discussion

‣ Learn to make better backstories.
  ‣ Learn to refine personalities.
  ‣ Get help making your character(s).
  ‣ Get feedback on your character(s), their powers, balance, etc.
  If you are nervous about posting in public, DM an admin. Archy is your main contact for story and character stuff.


These are GUIDELINES, not strict rules. We hope you will use these as a basis to grow as players and ensure others have a fun time interacting with you. The admins may intervene in a play if we receive a complaint that someone is not playing nicely (and use these guidelines as a template for whether or not intervention is necessary). Our goal is to make this fun for everyone, and apply the lightest administrative touch possible.

If You Are Having Trouble

‣ Sort out the issue in DM’s with the other players if possible.
  ‣ If you cannot resolve the problem directly, do not bring the issue up in public. DM an Admin.

If You Cause Trouble, We May

‣ Enable Slow Mode for the active play. All individuals in the room will be forced to wait between posting. The server will not let you post sooner.
  ‣ Restrict your access to a room. If you are harassing other players, we may disable your ability to read, post, or otherwise interact with that room.
  ‣ Issue a Time Out if you are causing trouble. This is a more extreme measure and means you will be unable to play or interact on the server until the time out has been lifted.
  ‣ Ban you from the server. If you are constantly a nuisance for the admin team, aggravating other players, and preventing others from having fun, there will be consequences.
  Also see the legal terms and conditions for our site:
Site Terms
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