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Session 2: Back from the Dead

General Summary

Malach had awoken healed and despite what seemed like minutes or maybe even an hour had passed, barely any time had gone by and he saw the elf named Vaeri that had cut him down disappear around the alley in pursuit of Caithyra. Malach was able to deduce that Caithyra would likely be headed in the direction of their home and would go there if she could lose her pursuers, and was able to take a faster route to catch up.   Malach found himself ahead of the two elves and was able to catch the first, Filaurel, off guard with a newly found power obtained from the Deep One, killing him. While Vaeri was checking his fallen friend and looking around for the threat, Malach was able to circle around through the alleys and catch him off guard, executing him. No time to dwell on the deaths he caused Malach caught up to Caithyra at their home, holed up and ready to defend herself.   At this point it was obvious that battle had broken out across Rivertide and Malach decided they needed to flee, but wanted to ensure his friends made it out to so led Caithyra to Dennis the Carpenter's. They were gathering what they could and preparing to flee, waiting on Steffen and his wife, Vania, to return before seeking escape from the town together. They arrived shortly after Malach and they then made the decision to try and seek passage aboard a merchant ship they had seen in port that morning, the closest of the practical directions to flee.   After securing passage aboard the Winddrift Malach left alone to try and check on Rickey who had gone home to get his parents. At this point the battle had reached a point that it would mean fighting his way through so Malach did what was practical given the circumstances. hoped for the best for Rickey as he had a head start and wasn't likely to remain in his home in any case, and to return to the ship.   Malach was able to return without incident and after boarding met Captain Eldon his services as a shipwright were requested in patching their ship, as it had docked in Rivertide to get repairs after a bad storm. Malach shored it up to make it as serviceable as possible while Caithyra and Carla headed up the others in preparing meals and making the Winddrift more hospitable.   During the night Malach was roused by the sounds of an argument above deck. It turned out that the crew were actually smugglers and pirates and Captain Eldon was trying to turn them into slavers, at the protest of the crew, headed by Griffin "Tower". After being bullied into submission Griffin "Tower" volunteered to take point in moving the sleeping refugees into imprisonment, to "at least see they are treated right." After being confronted by Malach and his own conscience he decided to oppose Captain Eldon again, this time with the support of the men of Rivertide.   Captain Eldon was able to pacify the crew, saying it was just to help the real captain, Captain Trem Phoenixwinds, who had a magical disease and was being cared for by a sea hag. Malach seeing that the tide was turning against him and that it was unlikely that he would oust Eldon, he offered to fulfill the hags request and save Captain Trem Phoenixwinds in exchange for safe passage. Malach sought first to meet with the hag, Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook, which meant docking at Ebonwich. During the remainder of the journey, when able, he discreetly experimented with his powers to see what he was capable of.


Session length: ~2 hours
In game time: 4 days
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
12 Jan 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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