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Session 1: Introduction to the Deep One

General Summary

At the town of Rivertide there were continued border conflicts between Ilaria and Shatia Kingdom. As usual during these periods of tension, there were negotiations and peace talks between representatives on both sides. On the day of the start of these negotiations, Malach was performing routine errands for his carpentry business with Dennis and for his sister, Caithyra. When dropping off her flour at the inn she worked at, which was hosting the negotiations, there arrived an unknown group of elves that threw a fireball at those negotiating, killing both the humans and the elves. This group was disguised primarily as human soldiers, except the mage who used a spell to disguise himself as a member of the official retinue of Ilaria.   When trying to quietly leave the inn out the back Malach and Caithyra were heard and Vaeri and Filaurel of the elven war party began to chase them in order to dispose of witnesses. Malach managed to distract them while his sister made her escape, and was subsequently run through by Vaeri.   Malach was instead transported to the ocean floor along with others and was eventually offered a deal to return with power in exchange for having to perform favors.


Session length: ~2 hours
In game time: 2 days
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
05 Jan 2020
Primary Location

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