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Birthplace of Humanity

Warning, this article contains information completely unknown to the inhabitants of the world.
  Earth is, or possibly was, a planet capable of sustaining life which lies approximately 41 light years away from Riel. Unknown to the inhabitants of the world, this faraway planet was once the homeland of all of humankind. Around 17 000 years ago, a great spacefaring vessel had left behind Earth along with a vast host of adventurous and hopeful men and women who were willing to give up their old lives and risk their lives to find a new home out in the stars, eventually establishing the Unity of Riel.   Whether humanity endured on Earth or if their reckless greed and corruption led to their own demise remains unknown. Perhaps a day will come when the men and women of Earth find their wayward cousins on Riel, or perhaps the ruins of human civilisation will be discovered on the old world instead.  

Age of Uncertainty

The geopolitical and environmental concerns of the late 22nd century had filled the hearts of the inhabitants of Earth with a great sense of uncertainty, and there were those who looked to the stars for answers. In the year 2188, an international meeting was held in the city of Łódź on July 11, a meeting in which it was decided that mankind would at last delve into the unknown and venture far beyond its own solar system. The decision was lauded as a historic achievement for international cooperation, bringing together rivalling powers and giving them a shared goal to work towards.

A New Hope

After a remarkably quick period of designing and construction, the UNS Hope, the great ark that would populate the stars, began her voyage out into the darkness of space on the 1st of January 2196. Their target destination was KE-2091, the system known now as Ahillaciq. Upon mankind’s arrival in Riel’s orbit, messages were sent out back to Earth, but whether anyone actually received them is unknown. All that is left of the great voyage, save for the descendants of its passengers, is the ship itself, which remains in the planet’s orbit and is mistakenly identified as a natural satellite called Vol.
Location under
Distance from Riel
41.2 ly
World type
Habitable wet continental world
10.3 billion
Geographic Location | Apr 17, 2024

Riel is a habitable terrestrial planet located in the Ahillaciq system which is the homeworld of the geprati and the aberati.

Cover image: Earth by NASA


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