Lementia (Old)

12th Radia, 1209

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A campaign setting for a living D&D world. The actions of the players shape the worlds future.   Lementia is a world shaped by its magic. A magic that is inherently elemental in nature with the forces of Air, Earth, Fire and Water shaping the very building blocks of reality. These four primal essences exist in all life from the smallest mouse to the largest giant they are all created by these elements to some degree.   Almost all creatures are formed by some balance of the elements, a natural mixture that helps give them form and identity. But individuals can be born with an excess or preference for one element over the others, these are known as Magisters. Individuals capable of harnessing these magics into powerful spells and effects.   Beyond this there is a growing trend of Magitek, the non-elemental use of aetheric energy within devices to produce magic-like effects. This use is almost entirely limited to the country of Redrille although rumors of other nations starting to produce their own forms of Magitek abound.