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Linen is an incredibly versatile plant-based textile used for many different purposes. It is commonly found in clothing and other household textiles but is also used for other things, for example in book-binding or painting. No longer wearable clothes and other old textiles, which are often made from linen or hemp, are also used for the manufacturing of paper. Strips of linen fabric are even used medically to bandage wounds.

To make linen, the stems of the flax plant are used. In several steps, the flax fibres have to be separated from the stalk and processed in order to create the base material for linen fabrics. Other parts of the flax plant are used for other purposes, whilst the flax fibres are spun into yarn and either woven into fabric or made into thread for sewing.

Due to its long fibres, linen transports oils and moisture away from the skin, which reduces body odours significantly. It is also easily washable and can therefore be changed regularly. Because of this, it is often used for undergarments, bedsheets and summer clothing. Linen undergarments are great to protect ones skin from outer clothing, which might be made from materials that feel uncomfortable on the skin.

Linen undergarments also protect the outer clothing from oils and moisture from the skin. This helps outer garments last longer, because they then do not absorb the moisture of the skin and don't need to be washed as often as a result. Since fabrics are expensive, and well-made clothing takes time and work to produce, people do not usually own all that many pieces of clothing. The few items of clothing owned by the average person are therefore cherished and protected as well as possible.

There are different types of linen fabrics. For clothing, the quality of the fabric will generally be quite good. How high exactly the quality is depends on how wealthy the buyer is. Lower quality linens are more commonly used for sacks to pack and ship things, for example produce like grain. Strips of it are also used for book-binding as a strong but flexible layer to hold together the spine of a book. Thick, tightly woven linen, canvas, is used for bags and the like, but also as a base for painting.



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