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They had almost finished their food, when the door of the tavern opened and a young woman in a green dress entered the room. Everyone present fell silent, turned and looked at her.

"Keep eating." she said simply, her voice gentle yet strong. The guests did as she said as if under a spell.

"Can I help you, your Highness?" asked the innkeeper, who had hurried to the woman's side.

"I'm looking for three travellers, two women and a man, they would have arrived here earlier today." she replied. The innkeeper showed her the way. The girl nodded in thanks and made her way towards Zairah, Jon and Lona.

"So my father didn't have you thrown into the dungeon." she stated.

"So it would seem, your Highness." Jon replied just as simply. His tone surprised Mireanda, because it was neither insecure nor condescending as it would have been with most men when they talked to her, even though he obviously knew who he was talking to.

"Interesting." Mireanda said, though she wasn't entirely sure whether she meant his answer or his tone, "He hasn't allowed many travellers to go free inrecent years. Where are you going?"

"Urtheon." Jon replied concisely. Mireanda looked at him in disbelief.

"In that case, I'm surprised you're still alive. Usually, people who want to go to Urtheon die here. Ever since the war up there started, father thinks that everyone who goes there wants to bring the war to us." she said.

"So he has them all killed?" Zairah asked.

"Usually yes, but for some reason, he let you three wander around Aorelia freely instead." Mireanda replied.

"Our fathers knew eah other well." Lona said.

"That doesn't normally mean he'll trust someone." Mireanda shrugged.

"A paranoid King? Not the best sign if a King fears his own people." Lona said.

"What do you know about being King?" Mireanda asked.

"More than you think." Lona said.

"More than I think? Allright, spill, who the fuck are you three really? You clearly know who I am, and judging by the way you speak to me, you're nobility." Mireanda concluded.

"Which isn't something all of Aorelia needs to know." Jon hissed. Mireanda grabbed the fourth chair at the table and took a seat.

"I'm listening." she said in a quiet, almost giddy voice.

"I'm Ionathar Angeleos of Eleonis, this is my sister, Eleona, and Zairah Lear, a serbaith huntress. But I'd ask you to stick with Jon, Lona and Zairah." Jon said. Mireanda didn't respond for a moment. The King of the neighbouring kingdom was here, eating in the Golden Duckling, trying not to be recognized.

"That explains a lot." she said finally, "But it doesn't explain, what you would be doing in Urtheon." Jon sighed. The last thing he wanted was to explain it all again, but he gave her a quick summary of their plan.

"And what does a serbaith huntress have to do with that?" Mireanda asked.

"He destroyed my home, killed my sister, turned my best friend into my arch enemy and enslaved me, my father and many other men. I escaped and have nothing but hatred for the man, so I'll gladly help to make him pay for his crimes." Zairah explained.

"Sounds like a charming guy." Mireanda said sarcastically.

"You have no idea." Lona agreed equally sarcastically.

"I hope he gets what he deserves. My lips are sealed." Mireanda decided. Jon nodded appreciatively. Mireanda smiled, got up and left. When Lona noticed both Zairah and Jon watching her leave, she kicked them both in the shin.

"Stop staring at her, both of you." she hissed. Zairah and Jon exchanged an embarrassed glance. Lona shook her head in disbelief.

Completion Date
August 27th, 1217

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