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Jon had been sitting around in the darkness of the throne room, staring at the dying fire in the hearth, when Lona entered the room.

"You should go to bed, you'll need your strength, if you want to win tomorrow. Besides, your wife probably misses you." she said gently.

"Why would Mireanda miss me? She wanted nothing to do with me last time I checked. Apparently I'm to anxious." Jon replied.

"Well, you are pretty anxious, but let's be real, who isn't at this point?" Lona said.

"Thank you so much for your words of encouragement." Jon said sarcastically.

"Look at you. You only say sarcastic things like that when you're nervous." Lona stated, "And now, I need you to go to sleep."

"Fine." Jon said, raising his hands in surrender. He got up and left.

He hesitated before he carefully knocked on the door and entered the room he shared with Mireanda.

"Leave me alone." Mireanda said without looking up.

"Randa, it's me." Jon said softly.

"Jon." Randa noted.

"May I come to you?" Jon asked hesitantly. Randa stayed quiet for a moment.

"Fine. After all, this might be our last ever night together, so get your beautiful butt over here already." she decided.

Completion Date
January 31st, 1218
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