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When Jon and Mireanda entered the Riarcos-Bridge Inn, the celebration of their victory was already well underway. Lona, Zairah, Milnor and Ilea sat together at a long table with a bunch of other soldiers. When they noticed Jon and Mireanda, they made room for them.

"How's the leg?" Zairah asked.

"Fucked up." Jon answered truthfully, making the others laugh. It wasn't often that Jon used swearwords, let alone jokingly.

"So, Ionathar, would you mind finally introducing the lady at your side. She has been around you for quite a while, but nobody knows her, so the people are starting to wonder." asked Captain Calain, who was among the soldiers at the table.

"She is Princess Mireanda Aorelis of Lupear." Mireanda spoke up.

"She is also my wife, which makes her your queen." Jon smirked.

"Your what now?" one of the soldiers asked.

"When did that happen? I didn't even know you were looking to get married." asked another.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Calain asked.

"As for when, two months ago." Jon answered, "And we couldn't very well tell you, you know, because of that ridiculous myth that it's terribly bad luck to bring a newlywed warrior on a battlefield. Just imagine an entire army terrified of that supposed curse. We'd never have won."

"Says the guy who just pulled a Riarcos and single-handedly won a war. Except for the fact Riarcos died from his injuries afterwards, which you obviously didn't." Lona said ironically.

"I guess we'll have to think on that myth again. Maybe it actually is very lucky to have a newlywed on the battlefield." Calain decided.

"I think no longer believing in it is quite enough." Mireanda said.

Completion Date
February 2nd, 1218

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