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"Keystuff" is the term used to describe pulverized fragments of the Keystone meteor kept deep within the vaults of Lawke's Academy.   Discovered by Reginald Lawke while on an assignment from the King, the keg sized meteor was brought back to King's Bay for study. Found to have no magical properties and containing no useful minerals, Reginald was allowed to bring the large rock back to Lawke's Academy.   While the meteor did not contain any magical properties, [Professor Reek] and [Wizard] found its particular combination of minerals quite unique and impossible to duplicate. Further study showed that this unique signature could be combined with magic and alchemy to ensure Lawke's safety and security.


Material Characteristics

The Keystone meteorite has the appearance of a deep green dragon-glass with ephemeral yellow veins running throughout. As a result, Keystuff is a refractory, deep green powder with occasional flecks of yellow.


Keystuff is smelted into several items used by Lawke's Academy.   Student Keys: Sent out by Headmaster Lawke to invited students, these trinkets allow students to bypass many of the safety wards placed throughout Lawke's Academy grounds.   Faculkeys: grant access to all of Lawke's Academy grounds, including the vault.   Sending Coins: Given to Lawke's Picks, the Keystuff imbued in these simple coins allows them to be used as a communications relay across Anscyor and beyond.   Beast Collars/Brands: Just as the Keystuff can be used as a signature to let people past magical barriers, it can be used to keep things within them as well. Keystuff is used extensively by Alynna and Gorin Syllaris throughout The MÃ¥ngfald Wood.

History & Usage


While on assignment of the King, Reginald Lawke's venturing party came across a large clearing in the Swamps of Veltora. A concentric ring of long-scorched trees radiated outwards from a denuded center, since reclaimed by smaller vegetation. Rising up out of the swamp and moss was a deep green stone from another world.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Keystuff-forged items are unique to, and highly valued by, members of the Lawke's Academy community.

deep green

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