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Adventuring Certification

Every student at Lawke's Academy dreams of the day they graduate and get their Adventurer's Certification. Hand-written by Headmaster Lawke herself on the same element-proof paper skilled wizards use for their spell books, a certificate bearing¬† the Lawke's seal is a passport to new places, experiences, and respect that most Anscyorans can only dream of.  
There are currently four Adventuring Schools within Anscyor. Legally, there is no difference between the certifications they hand out. Publicly, however, they each carry the reputation of the crest they bear.  
  • Auf Weggo's School of Adventure
  • Bella Rinata's Adventurer Training School
  • Lawke's Academy for Adventurous Youth
  • School 4


The purpose of Adventuring Certification is to provide a base level of credentialed experience that private individuals or local governments can trust when hiring an Adventuring party. Portions of their work are subsidized by the King, allowing both hirer and hiree to negotiate a fair price for the task at hand, often subsisting of little more than free room-and-board, medical care from the local temple or church, and any spoils from enemies vanquished.  

Adventuring Certification came about due to the unscrupulous actions of soldiers of fortune left entire communities destitute after the treaty with Eer Sadyr.¬†Without a war to fight, many of these individuals formed adventuring parties, traveling from town-to-town offering "protection" services to defend against beasts, raids, or any other trouble that "might flare up." Corruption, profiteering, and extortio amongst these groups was rampant.   [Conflict where these types were Lawke's group had to run a couple of these groups out on rails.]

Document Structure

Legal status

As long as a school maintains accreditation with the Office of the King, that school is free to award Adventurer's Certification to students as they see fit.

Certificate, Professional

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