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Lapis of Nicodem's family fell to King Gall's slaughter of rebels when she was twelve. She now resides in the Grey Streets of Jiy, training for vengeance against the rebel traitor who led General Kale's men into her childhood home.   Even though that goal is within reach, the simple life she has created for herself as chaser, as street rat helper, fragments. Unexpected reunions, rebel tensions, syndicate wars, being staked for death, and chasing enemies to tech-haunted mines, makes her existance far more exciting--and dangerous--than she ever desired.
Knavish Canto cover

Knavish Canto
Lapis of Nicodem Volume 3
  New chapters
bi-weekly on Fridays
by 2:00 PM PST   A serialized fantasy
If you like what you see
Lapis of Nicodem
Lapis of Nicodem Volume 1
Lapis of Nicodem Volume 2
Broken Dulcet cover
Broken Dulcet
Lapis of Nicodem Book 4
Coming Soon

FYI: Knavish Canto is drawing to a close!   I'll take a month off between the end of Knavish Canto and the beginning of Broken Dulcet.

Nov. 10 and 24:
Month Break
Dec. 22
Final Chapters of Knavish Canto
Month Break
Broken Dulcet begins


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