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Soul Silver

When those destined to change the world are lost before their time, a silver medallion may appear in their place. Few have ever learned of the existence of this holy material, but the actions of those it represents always affect the world. There are approximately 7 pounds of soul silver in existence composing five known objects. Only one of these objects is known to the population at large, but all five have become powerful magical artifacts in history. It is possible more objects of soul silver exist in the world but have been lost.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Easily attuned to magic, highly conductive, cool to the touch

Origin & Source


History & Usage


Five objects composed of soul silver have materialized. Each object is of an unique shape and design,. No alterations to the objects have been permanent each regrowing to their original shape over time.  
  1. 1 EM. During the Battle for Aurum Vale, Saint Lena led the forces of Gattic Rock in defense against foreign invaders. When Lena went to land the final blow against the opposing general, she was struck from behind by the Arch-demon, Tor. As she fell a great light befell the battlefield along with a legion of angelic, winged warriors who drove away the invaders. After she was laid to rest upon her funeral pyre, a large silvery star was found among her ashes. Those closest to Saint Lena Would take this star and use it to spread her ideals thus founding the Lenonian Church of The Five Divines. This star would become the symbol of the church and be the only publicly known object of soul silver. Those in the presence of the star will have their wounds healed, diseases cured, and detect a faint smell of lilac.
  3. 184 EM. The dragon Treninoc the Bright is defeated while defending the Azurine Tower. Betrayed by his son, Raellinoc, the dragon fell victim to a dark spell that slowly destroyed Treninoc's form. In a final effort, Treninoc was able to defeat the tower's attackers and repel his son before his body disappeared. The Azurine Mages, fraught at his vanishing, found a silver object where he once lay. Resembling the horns of Treninoc, the silver was fashioned into a bident tip. Dubbed the Bident of Treninoc, the medallion was capable of great walls of ice to protect the tower from intruders, but was unable to stop the destruction of the Azurine Tower during the the fall of the Towers of Magic that marked the end of the first age. The bident was lost when the tower fell and later found by Triskelion mages in 699 ER.
  5. 373 EM. Sodoss Denari has completed negotiations with Moxadar the Ancient to ally against a coven of hags that has endangered many villages. Although he agreed to meet Sodoss in the fields, Moxadar planned to betray Sodoss to the hags. Sodoss's band of fighters fell one by one to the witches under a growing storm, Moxadar nowhere to be seen. In the end, Sodoss Denari was defeated and as Moxadar stood over his body, both were struck by a massive bolt of lightning. The lightning bolt opened the ground beneath them and Moxadar fell into a great oubliette. With him, Moxadar found a small silver ball covered in etchings of forked lightning. Any attempt by Moxadar to leave the cavernous prison would leave him struck by lightning, for he had been bound by the storm elemental that sired Sodoss. Trapped in his prison, Moxadar would encase the silver ball in bone and iron creating a powerful rod of lightning.
  7. 503 ER. During the blaze that destroyed the Kingdom of Merina, the mage Pavolo Galenbrook was caught in the binding of the efreeti Salzoul. Attempting to counteract the dark mages controlling Salzoul, Pavolo undid the binding spell to return the efreeti to its natural state. The arcane energy from the attacking mages passed through Salzoul and in to Pavolo Galenbrook causing Pavolo to suffer an energy overload that ultimately killed him. Freed by Pavolo's efforts, the efreeti killed the dark mages and fled the city, leaving it to burn. After the blaze died and the citizens of Merina returned to the ashes of their city where Pavolo's partner discovered a silver disc depicting a lattice of flames. Those bearing the disc would find themselves unaffected by heat and fire.
  9. 811 ER The werewolf, Prince Giridharan Kalravani, has procured a massive bounty for the murder of numerous men and women along his trek to the unknown north. Whilst in Illivan, Giridharan became hunted by Ambrose Francois who plans to defeat the werewolf with an evil spell. Ambrose, who had been deceived by the mad god Ogorian, planned to use the spell on Giridharan in order to weaken the seals on Ogorian's prison. Having finally found Giridharan with the help of Karladron Hart, Ambrose unleashed the black flames of Ogorian which reduced the werewolf to ashes. Within the pile of ash, Karladron found a silver medallion in the shape of a wolf's head. The medallion is capable of granting temporary lycanthropy to its wearer and would end up becoming a powerful dimensional anchor.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Through careful study of Giridharan and the Wolf's Head medallion, the Elves of Soala'Sar hypothesized that the soul silver acts as a sort of holy phylactery. The object allowed a focal point for Giridharan's mind and soul to be returned to the material world after being trapped in the world of dreams. It is the Elves's belief that each manifestation of soul silver represents a potential hero that could return from beyond when they are destined.
Silver or metallic gray
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