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False Moons

Kerrick scribbled observations of the deadworld's moon. It hung motionless in the sky while multiple hourglasses ran out. Not until a skelerager crept near did he see the moon begin to split open a razorsharp maw. The "moon" swept down and latched onto the beast, then launched up into the sky. The skelerager's howl dimmed until the sands were quiet again.   "It.. that... wasn't a moon." Kerrick was stunned. The illusion had broken and Kerrick realized he had been monitoring a creature all along. Or, had it been watching him?   A star began to grow. Another creature was descending onto the dessert and Kerrick hurried his gear together. The subtle movements of the lights in the sky now revealed the truth. There are no stars or moons in the land of the dead.

Cover image: by Midjourney


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