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Civilized Tychenine

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Guided to dignity by their Ginkgo Mothers

Basic Information


Very little has changed from their primitive ancestors morphologically, at least in an unaltered form.
Brachial Tychenine
Portraiture of a modern Tychenine, displaying fashionable arm adornments and modifications.
Crural Tychenine
Portraiture of a modern Tychenine, displaying fashionable leg adornments and modifications.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

After full maturation and adequate practice, Tychenine will shape their bodies into a huge diversity of fit and form for various functions in society. Certain professions and athletes require modifications to hands and feet or adjustments to size and scale to perform their duties or sport. Most of all, fashion trends of the era will cause individuals to take to various superflouous body modifications, including adornment with gemstones, various styles of wing drapery, and even varied colorations.

Gender Ideals

Gender differences =/= sexual dimorphism Arm Day or Leg Day is the gender binary

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Fashion trends social manipulation by fads pecking order of drag queens who can reel in the most fashion influence   Mindsport = philosophical debate while literally fighting; conflicting ideas (literally) unadorned, unaltered combat, traditionally augmented rulesets for innovations in sporting and thinking,

Common Myths and Legends

Yati of Silt   Agamed Al-Platon   tagged list: siltChamp

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

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Also Known As
The Race of Pundits
Parent Species
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Divinis Tychininus Sapien
Er'yn of Sun
109500 diem
Average Height
2-3 cubitum
Average Weight
17-23 librae
Geographic Distribution
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