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The Art of Deflection: A Legal Case Study

"From villains to heroes, how one lawyer made the Company of Foolhardy Heroes"

-Mikael Juriksen

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A Modern Critique on Modern Analysis, "Chapter II. Mikael Juriksen and the Art of Deflection"

-Favrus Ivelkur   "It is with great remorse that I write on "Mikael Juriksen" with such dismay. While he is no foreigner to the matters which he endeavors to demystify, his inclination towards distraction is what claws at the writing's potential for greatness, once more. Rather than use straight terms and cut to the core of the issue at hand, Juri once again finds himself confusing the focus of his analysis (should you call it that, in such a state). Rather than follow a standard method of "Foundation, analysis, resolution," he finds himself bouncing from point to point, seemingly alternating by nothing more than what interests him most in the moment of writing. By the end, one may finally find the mythos that he writes on clarified, but those would be the lonely few. Any others wishing to study the few available sources on this trial for the purpose of education, will find their frustration for the muddled structure waxing over their enjoyment of the events themselves.   It is only a shame that such a valuable cluster of knowledge has sunk so deep into the untamed format that Juri utilizes. I have no doubt, by now, that the method of his writing is only an intentional ruse meant to frustrate those that read his work. In that manner, this piece is a work of art, as are his others. I would be remiss if I did not mention how the format has brought him success, as well. While I find that the ordering of events frustrating at first, one must read until the end to fully understand what point is being made (and why). This has, to my dismay, forced me to finish any piece by Juri that I have delved into. If this is the author's design and intent, then I commend him for a job well done.   As always, my reading of a work by Juri has left be both educated and frustrated. I would be fibbing if I claimed that I am not starting to enjoy my intermittent dalliances with this author's work, if for nothing more than the complex brew of both hatred and intrigue that they bring from the reader. One may even say that this form could inspire a future generation of writers, though I pray not. For while I have begun to enjoy my spiral of reading under this particular author, I think not that my constitution could handle the emotions while reading every work which I am provided."
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