Leafweaver Bat

  Leafweaver bats are known to live primarily in the middle of the Retford Empire, though they have also been seen in both Kyhe and Hertesila during the summer months. They eat primarily insects and are named for a notable behaviour they engage in.   Using their thumbs and the aid of other bats around them, leafweaver bats will work together to create large blankets of leaves. The leaves are all carefully chosen by the bats and woven together in sturdy patterns. These blankets of leaves will be secured to the ceiling of the cave the group of bats has chosen to live in and will act as protection from the weather.   The leaves are so tightly woven together that very little water will get through. This covering will also shelter from winds and, in places where it snows, it will protect from the worst of that as well. This behaviour is extremely useful to these bats, as they tend to live near the mouths of caves instead of deeper in. If they lived any deeper within the caves, they would likely be in far more danger from the cave crocodile that inhabits the same range as they do, and which will eat any bat that ventures too far into the caves.  
by Felix Van Huss
  Leafweaver bats are also thought to be a rather cute species of bat by most. They have also come to be something of a symbol among those who are bisexual and polyamorous due to the bats' unique social structures, which involve many partners of either sex and a communal raising of children within family units with at least five parents.   Sheltering inside a cave with leafweaver bats is something several explorers or lost travellers have done to survive in harsh weather. While the leaves are unable to protect from all weather, and are more effective the closer to the ceiling of the cave you are, the shelter provided by these leaves has been enough to keep more than one lost soul alive through a harsh night. Because of this, these bats are also widely seen as good luck.   There have been a few attempts to keep a leafweaver bat as a pet, but this has never turned out well. These bats are such highly social animals that depriving them of their colony is enough to send them into a deep depression. These pets have often starved themselves to death or, in happier cases, their owners have released them back into the wild. Luckily, colonies of leafweaver bats will happily take on loner bats, as they feel little to no need to compete with each other.   The sight of a colony of leafweaver bats is thought to bring good luck on any journey you are undertaking, and they are largely beloved by those who live within their territory.  

Cover image: by Jeswin Thomas


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Leafweaver Bat
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