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Aernardum's Obelisk

An ancient marker, carved with Elven runes and called Aernardum's Obelisk lies to the north-east of Nedev. The obelisk is a bit of a mystery as while the runes are in elven, the name Aernardum, is dwarvish. The runes themselves offer no clues. They read in their entirely:   "Aernardum, songbird of the west, the last of his line, and friend to everyone, chose this spot to make his name known to all. His deeds may never be fully known but those that shared his time will never forget."   The obelisk stands twenty feet tall and each of its four sides is eight feet wide. The elvish runes are the same on each of the four sides. One side, the side facing to the west, also has small carving of a songbird, but otherwise the obelisk is unadorned. The stone itself is granite, but has veins of rose quartz running through it.   The obelisk stands on a small hill, that at one time appears to have been cleared of trees, but now has many trees growing upon it. When it was first discovered, it was thought to be burial marker, and so some of the hillside nearest to the obelisk has been cleareed of growth, and a few exploritory digs have been made, but no one has reported finding a tomb. The latest attempt at finding a tomb was done several years ago, and while nothing was found, the explorers did report the obelisk having a slight red glow as the last rays of the sun struck the rose quartz near its peak at sunset. Not knowing if this was a sign or just a natural phenomenom of the obelisk, the explorers tried several different ways of recreating the effect, but failed.   Seen now as just curiosity, the obelisk has been left untouched for the past ten years or so - an almost forgotten oddity, in this land of strangeness.
Monument, Large


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Aug 13, 2022 00:27 by sointex

Very cool idea and well written. Short and to the point. But it makes me want to know more!