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Welcome to a world where nations are ruled by dragons and giants, or even by gods--- these dynarchs protect their humanoid subjects from the many dangers that flooded the world after the Wake.

The Wake summoned many dangerous creatures, an array of magical hot spots called spiles, and even a second moon. But of course, that was thousands of years ago. Civilization has long since recovered from the collapse that littered the world with ruins. They've even begun to use the crystaline substance that builds up around the splines in brilliant new technologies. New horizons are opening up for intrepid explorers to explore and be cemented in the halls of history... if they can stomach what they'll find.

by Christhian Carreno
by Cris Tagupa

This is a wiki for a 5e homebrew setting, if you weren't aware already. Whether you are a player or a fellow worldbuilder, you're welcome to peruse the public lore for this world. Have a click through the codex below, skim the timelines of common knowledge, or explore the maps I've drawn.

A bit of a disclaimer... not all content I've written is viewable. Some players will be privy to special information on account of their character's backgrounds or in-game discoveries. In other cases, there is secret DM material that will never see the light of day.


by Yann Lauener