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Kyre is a non-Euclidian planet thanks to an ancient apocalyptic event called the Splice, which caused two parallel worlds to combine. This event created various points of magical and navigational interest called Vertices, such as the point around which a clan of giants founded the city-state of Bhunyar. They and other dynarchs such as dragons or gods serve as the Post-Splice world's rulers and defenders, but some people seek to shake off these old ways.

Grassy Hills Trail
by Christhian Carreno
by Cris Tagupa

This is a wiki for a 5e homebrew setting, if you weren't aware already. Whether you are a player or a fellow worldbuilder, you're welcome to peruse the public lore for this world. Have a click through the codex below, skim the timelines of common knowledge, or explore the maps I've drawn.

A bit of a disclaimer... not all content I've written is viewable. Some players will be privy to special information on account of their character's backgrounds or in-game discoveries. In other cases, there is secret DM material that will never see the light of day.


Misty Mountain Peak
by Yann Lauener