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Qet, the All-knowing

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Knowledge, attainable. Infinity, an infant wrapped up deep inside the womb of the fair maiden, whose name is Knowledge.
~ Qet, the All-Knowing ~

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Many call Materia the oasis of Brinomir, for more reason than one. Across the rest of the realm, there are things best left unknown. Qet is an occult god of knowledge, insanity, and decay, driven with lust to absorb every ounce of psychic power that exists until nothing is left.   At the brink of collapse of the first world of Brinomir, a scientific world driven for knowledge, the madness of it all bore witness to the creation of a formless being that which knew nothing, yet wished to know everything, trapped in the maddened state the former world perished in, which desired nothing else but to end it all. Existence all around this being was pain, and it swayed unendingly between its thirst to know and its urge to destroy. It chose to set itself on the path that would accomplish both.   This eldritch being came to be known as Qet. Its children, the abberations. Its home, Shiq’Gith, the timeless realm it ended up in after it attempted to escape existence through a black hole. The cults which follow Qet are obsessed with the occult and delight in torturous and malignant things...  


Qet dwells at the End of Time in Shiq’Gith while his illithids and other abberations, like the Order of Qet, which serve him continue to try and drain Brinomir of everything. Qet snags defenseless and willing souls from the Veil, where they are transformed into monstrous minions who serve with the same loyalty.  


Qet represents the following domains:   Arcana. Magic holds many secrets to the universe, and Qet is a god well-endowed for it. He thrives in the infinitely expanding nature of magic in what he learns and what is able to destroy.   Knowledge. The thirst for knowledge dark and darker is the largest tenet for any follower of Qet. It’s a hunger that wants to learn every little secret, even if it has to be acquired through torture.  


Qet represents the following alignments:   Neutral. There is no law which governs the All-Knowing, only the instinctual drive by which it gives into.   Evil. Qet has moral aptitude for no thing other than himself, and feels no remorse or guilt for committing truly monstrous atrocities. His deepest fanatics know this and allow themselves to live in the same way.  


The common unholy symbol used to represent Qet is a grid-like set of violet lines shaped to appear as a star.
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There are many tomes that tell of Qet, the All-Knowing. Those children's tales mean nothing to the one book that no mortal should ever read. It is scripture to his cults for its detail is otherworldly. The Tome of Qet must never be read by anyone.
~ Iriandor, Skein Warlord ~

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Divine Classification

Epic Boons

For his most devoted followers, below are some of the unique boons Qet can bestow.  

Boon of the Apt

This is a common boon granted by Qet to his champion followers. While you possess this boon, your Intelligence score increases by 4, as does your maximum for that score.  

Boon of the Omniscient

While you possess this boon, you can cast legend lore and true seeing once each, without using a spell slot or any material components. You regain each of these expended spells after finishing a long rest.  

Boon of the Transformed

While you possess this boon, a portion of your body transforms and takes on a distinct abberation-like appearance. Your creature type changes to an abberation, you gain immunity against psychic damage, and you have advantage on saving throws against mind-altering effects.

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