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Around the Orfell River there grows root vegetables, though small has helped to sustain the fighting folk for generations. The sweetness of the Sweetroot is nigh unbearable when eaten on it's own, and without any dilution often leaves the mouth and throat painfully numb. Eating more than a couple can cause this numbness to spread throughout the entire body, and exsessive eating can remove pain from the entire body, indefinitely.

The Sweetroot has a dulled almost greying orange color, though the tips are often that of a yellowish hue. The roots have a woody texture and are difficult t, though boiling these softens them and helps with the texture. Commonly sliced into bite sized pieces and mixed with other foods during the the long campaigns, the taste of these roots greatly overpowers most other tastes, allowing for stale and at times food that has gone bad to be eaten with relative ease. The Sweetroot also contains energy boosting properties.

There are several unique ways that these roots are consumed. Many practice the technique of boiling these roots in water, allowing for the properties of the root to be drunk, and diluted enough that the numbness and other side effects are less common, while the energy given remains. These energy drinks are exported through the known world.

Mashing Sweetroot is very time consuming, though it is one of the most convienient ways to help others consume the root. The Sweetroot is mashed into a thick paste and kept within small containers. The Sweetroot is then able to be carried, and eaten when injured, or needing energy to guard over something. Easily scoopable, it's best to coat the gums with hte root in order to gain the greatest effect.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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