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God of Restoration


Luseus is one of the not so dark gods in Hulwar even when most of the gods are not so friendly. He resides in a cave filled with candles, glowing stones and water. The water has healing capabilities to a degree and once in a year during his holy day he provides his temple with a good amount of his water.


The humans of Hulwar dreamed about Luseus as a counterpart to most of the other gods, especially to Zumyar and Idur. The god was dreamed into a cave where he would research diseases, biology, chemistry and alchemy so he could provide the mortals with guidance, solutions or a drop of his water. He is in a state of constant altering his waters, but even a god can't keep up with all of the nasty things which are developing in Koria, be it naturally or not.


Luseus is a god who likes to be worshipped, but he mostly works in silence. He doesn't speak up when there is a brawl amongst the other gods or when his worshippers call his name. He gives them his waters once a year at the end of "his" festivity.
Apart from that he tries to strenghten his waters against the most common diseases and conditions. That isn't a small task and sometimes it doesn't work at all. In this case he brews special waters just like potions so in case of an emergency (like the Bringer of Plagues rides again) he has them ready or at least a good basis to work from.


There are two rituals for Luseus. The mortals thought about and instituted them. The daily ritual is held during the twilight of the day and the Ritual of Vital Waters at the end of each year so the worshippers of Luseus can survive another year.

Daily Ritual

The daily ritual has no actual name because it is very simplistic and overlooked for people who don't worship Luseus or have no interest in his teachings. People gather at twilight near a source of water, holding small vials of water mixed with crushed healing herbs. They sprinkle the water on themselves, reciting words of renewal and restoration before cleaning their entire body. The source of water can be everything, even your own bathtub if you have one.

Ritual of Vital Waters

The Ritual of Vital Waters is basically a festivity which shall remind every person and Luseus himself that there are obligations. That there are duties to perform, standards to uphold and life to give or at least to maintain.
In plain terms: it shall remind the people to take care of one another in this dark days and to take care of their body. In the direction of Luseus it is just: "Don't forget us, we are still here." Not that Luseus intend to do it, but his followers and priests reminds him at every festivity.

Tales in the Water

"Hm, what if I combine the waters of the dwarves with the elves and give some Dragonborn to it... I mean, the Crystal Vein Syndrome is bad enough, we don't want it to mix with some more long-term disease, ay?"
— Luseus murmouring to himself while testing out water variants
"O our Lord of the Blue Waters! Please remember us low mortals, your dear and loving followers through plague and pestilence, through drought and storm. Hear us, o Lord, and quench our thirst for your waters, so we can rejuvinate and tend to those in need!"
Luseus sighs while the priest screams in his ear and refills the large basin with his very, very blue water
— Invocation at the end of the Vital Waters festivity
"What kind of herbs are you putting into the vials?"
"That depends how you wanna smell after your cleaning."
"That didn't answer my question."
"Ok, I'm putting some fresh herbs into it, because I wanna smell just like my kitchen. And on some special days where I feel it I wanna smell dark, mysterious and somehow appealing. Then I mix some chocolate powder into the herbs which is doing the trick."
"Neat. And that isn't blocking any healing properties?"
"Not really."
— Two women chatting while performing the early cleaning ritual
Pendant of Luseus by CrazyEddie via Midjourney
About Luseus
-looks like a middle-aged man
-speaks seldomly
-has picked out the pendant of his worshippers himself
-wants to be in a more in-depth friendship with Tesllara, the Goddess of Change
-likes water with a drop of lemon in it
-hates alcohol
-hates Idurs, because blood is literally liquid life and Idur likes when it is spilled

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Character Portrait image: Luseus, God of Restoration by CrazyEddie via Midjourney


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