Crystal Vein Syndrome

"I'm standing before you, humble and deeply saddened with the duty weighing heavy on my shoulders. I have to inform you that you are suffering from the Crystal Vein Syndrome. If you want, you can stay here until the end or we will give you all the information you need so you can live the rest of your life as comfortable as possible. Take all the time you need, inform your beloved ones and don't hesitate to ask."
— Doctor to a suffering magic user


  • Rarity: very rare
  • Lethality: lethal
  • Curability: 0%
  • Contagious: 0%
  • Source: unknown
  The Crystal Vein Syndrom (CVS) is a very rare condition only found in beings capable of using magic (active/passive). It is not limited to a specific species; it can affect dwarves, elves, humans and even Orcs or the Garlagans. The origin of the Syndrome is unknown but the effect is most likely to compare with a rejection reaction, mostly seen on limbs from other people of the same species. The body rejects the limb itself and will start to fester and to rot. The most spread opinion on the CVS is that the body rejects the inherent magic the host carries and causes a chain reaction inside the bloodcells. It is not known why or how this happens, but for the moment this explanation is a good as everything else.  

Course & Spread

The spread of the disease itself is next to zero. It is not contagious and not even the possible caretaker, nurse or therapist will get it, not even when they are magic users too.
The course of the Crystal Vein Syndrom is a rapid spread through the hosts body. At first you won't notice a thing until your limbs go numb or your veins will appear in a mild blue under your skin. At this point the Syndrome is in effect for around one or two weeks. But even when the host notices the changes right from the start and ventures to the one and only nursing home in whole Koria, it will be too late. The Crystal Vein Syndrome is a death sentence for every magic user.

First third

After the first symptoms appeared the crystalisation progress will be more visible for others to see. It starts at the finger and the toes, starting with the greatest veins, colouring them in a blue like the clear sky. Most of the nurses advise for the patient's hands a position where they can still grab things because the Crystal Vein Syndrome will render the extremities motionless and stiff while being coloured in a dark blue.

Second third

Depending on the resistence of the hosts body at the second or third month arms and legs will be rendered motionless as well without the possibility of feeling things like touches or impacts. In this third of the Syndrome the host is most likely unable to move on its own and needs assistance in every aspect of life, speaking of cleaning itself, relieve itself and getting food and drinks. This is the moment the patient has to decide in which position he wants to die.

Last third

In the last third the CVS will reach the organs. Depending on the host's resistance the non-vital organs will starting to fail like the spleen, the liver or the kidneys. In this time the Syndrome has reached the reproduction organs and crystalised them and most of the time the host will lose the sense of smell first. At this time the host has taken a position in which it wants to die and remembered for all eternity. At this point the digestive system will fail more and more.
In the last two weeks the CVS will reach the vital organs and the end of the petrification/crystalisation process will start. Muscles and nerves doesn't recognize the brain signals anymore, the patient will go blind, deaf and mute, covered in dark blue crystalised veins and blue skin in the colour of freshly fallen snow.


It exists no effective treatment for the Crystal Vein Syndrome. The nurses and doctors will treat the patient with the utmost respect and care the last weeks of the patient's life and will get the everything the patient demands. At the second third of the disease they will even supply the patient with painkillers and/or drugs.
Some of the patients remain at the nursery home and will most likely die and stay there as a statue. Some will die at the nursery home and will get transported to their loved ones. Or die in the circle of their loved ones with everything the nursery home can provide, mostly with advice and care.

After the Syndrome

If a patient of the nursery home doesn't have relatives or loved ones - or just hates people - he might stay as a blue statue in his posture. Some are posing in a more heroic way, others brought items with them like books, quills, flowers and candles. Other were just sitting in their chair or lying as they died.
After a certain period of time, most likely a month, the nurses and some workers will transport the crystalised humans into the Mausoleum of the Blue Vein, where they will stand, sit or lie in windows, protected by sturdy glass and caressed by the sun and the moon, placed on a base made out of white marble.
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If the host is completely dead, the consciousness of the host remains inside the statue for all eternity. They can see and hear everything what is going on around them. The crystals have imprisoned them into their own dead but not rotting body.
Course of the disease:
up to 6 months, but in most cases 1-3 months
Extremely Rare


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Ouch, what an end, especially in the spoiler! Can the victim chose to have their body cremated to avoid this fate?

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