Aelondra, the Starflower


  The Aelondra - the elvish name for "Starflower" - is a common, beautiful flower in the realm of the High Elves and sometimes outside of elven proximity and/or settlements. It is not a coincidence, that the Aelondra grows around elves. Since the Elves are all connected to the Eternal in some way, mainly through her beliefs towards both Eternals. Some might say, the Aelondra grows because of that connection, that it is a sign of divinity, but the truth is very much simpler and sweeter: the Aelondra likes the presence of elves.   That means, if an Elf or entire families had set up camp and started a settlement, the Aelondra starts to appear. Mostly at more public places, around wells and the (tree) houses of the elves. Mainly their houses and then the Aelondra spreads around the settlement, the forest, mountains or where ever the elves have settled.   The stem of the flower is normally a dark blue, but - depending on surroundings - can also have a slightly green-blue stem or just green.   The blossoms are what gives the Aelondra the name of "Starflower" in common. They are small and typically a fully bloomed Aelondra has about thirty petals. They typical colour is mostly a cremé-like colour, more beige than anything else, but there are also Aelondra with pure white petals. The stamen itself has a faint yellow colour and is a favourite of the Blinking Bees. Sadly those flowers are seldom near the Bees or vice versa.  

It was a starry night

  The Aelondra is called "Starflower" for a reason. Does she look like a star? Nah, not in the slightest. She does not sing, she does not store memories, she has nothing to do with the Eternals just like the Elves. But why is she called Starflower anyway?   Because the petals start to glow when being hit with starlight. A glimmer of some sorts, which is basically just the reflection of the starlight. The glimmer itself is not as bright as a candle, but when an entire field of Aelondra starts to light up, it can get bright enough to read a book in their proximity.   The glow also encourages the flower to emitt a sweet, refreshing smell, which can be described as healthy. It does nothing, it just smells a bit like mint.  

Cultivation & Usage

  You don't need to actually do something to get your Aelondra to grow and be healthy most of the time. When it is too hot, water it if necessary. Otherwise don't rip them out of the soil, the only exception is when you want to have them in your house or on the balcony. The most necessary thing is the presence of elves, but that should be the case anyway.   For usages besides having a nice smell in your house you can pluck the leaves (half of it so they can grow back) and brew them up for tea. Not everyone likes it, because this kind of tea various from flower to flower and by the taste of the drinking person. Some describe it as refreshing and sweet, others as tasteless and for others it is outright not drinkable for its bitterness.   Otherwise you can just have every kind of bee in the flowerfields and make white honey with them. The honey itself is not as thick as usual honey and has only low sweatening properties; meaning it isn't as sweet as usual honey. That being said it is really good for baked goods, because it lacks the strong sweetness, but not the properties. Which makes it also a decent, but not often asked for, export good.   Since the Aelondra only grows in the lasting proximity of Elves, attempts to cultivate it elsewhere hasn't worked out.  

Nightly Tales

The Aelondra is a common flower in elvish settlements. Their name means Starflower in Common Speech. It is not a star in and of itself, it was named the way because they reflect the starlight. And also the light of the moon.

Its scent is sweet, but not covering anything. More like you have a pinch of salt in your dish; you notice it, but only briefly. It only grows in the presence of elves if they are staying for a certain period of time, which is undertermined. Not even the elves can say when a flower appears. Sometimes they appear after a few days, sometimes after decades, but then in larger numbers.

A settlement graced by the Aelondra is a sight to behold in the dark of the night when their petals start to glow. It is a pleasant sight.

Other than that the tea is great for some, bitter for others or something else. For the author of this tome it was just tea, not overly sweet or special. The honey is a different topic we cover later in this tome, but the author has to say, they like the Moonflower Honey more than normal honey.  
— Regarding Flowers: Botanical Studies of Koria - Elvish Regions
"No, I meant, do you want honey?"
"A bit maybe." chuckles "This is so good. Where did you get it?"
"I traded. The merchant needed his cart fixed, so I traded my trade against a glass of the Moonflower Honey."
"A good trade, to be honest. Yum."
— Friends while sipping some tea
"I don't wanna leave!"
"We don't have to."
"Right, yet. But take it in, love. We both laying here under the moon and the stars, surrounded by all of this beauty."
"Aelondra... yes, my heart, it is the experience of a lifetime. But still... I don't wanna leave!"
"Me neither, love, me neither..."
— Couple laying in a field of Aelondra during a romantic picnic
In response to the challenge "Unofficial Astralis Challenge" by Blue Fairy 74 :)

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