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The Long Fall

"With the exception o' Prison Tree The Long Fall is the worlds most inescapable prison, but yeah, I can spring someone if the price is right. Mind you the last time the price was right 2 demigods and an arch-wizard were footing the bill." - Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
    Built in antiquity at the height of the power of the Frost Giants and now maintained by one of the last surviving clans, The Long Fall resembles one of the World Trees. Towering at almost 6000 feet with branches spreading out from its trunk for almost a half mile in every direction, glittering in the light of day it is truly a site to behold.

Purpose / Function

While its original purpose has been lost, The Long Fall currently acts as a prison for un-killable or otherwise magically inclined prisoners serving a life sentence. The name comes from the fact that, once interred, prisoners are always falling.   What some scholars believe to have initially been a safety enchantment was, at some point, warped. Now the only magic that works in the area is the portal magic linked to the tree. It is initially thought that the magic was meant to use a series of portals and slides to "catch" people that fell from the upper reaches of the tree-like structure, eventually depositing them safely in a room near the bottom of the building. What happened to the slides and which rooms were used for this purpose are one of the mysteries left unexplained by the fall of the Frost Giants.   Should one fall (or be pushed) from anywhere above the first floor, the initial portals will open, one to keep you from hitting the ground, the other to spit you out somewhere under the branches of the tree. At this point you are trapped unless you possess a keyed ring and clan blood. Prior to you coming into contact with ANY solid surface at a speed which could cause injury, the tree will open another portal to spit you out somewhere else under its branches to repeat the process.  
"You get sort of used to is after the first couple of years, see, they say you's always fallin', but that aint quite true. Sometimes you are shot out the side of the trunk, or up from the roots, or, when its a bad day, up from one of the bigger branches into the canopy. See the smaller branches are all bendy, and the tree doesnt really see you bein' whipped as bad. So you fly through the smaller branches gettin slapped by fancy willow switches until one comes along big enough to really hurt ya, then *schwoop another portal opens to spit ya out somewhere else."
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