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Siege Heads

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, I am here to inform you that your city, town, village, hamlet, or otherwise named place of residence is currently occupying the path of my esteemed Lord and Master, the amazing necromancer Zegrim the Surgeon.   As my master is a benevolent sort, you are being presented with the following options   Your First option, and obviously the best for everyone involved, is for you to swear a magically binding oath to Master Zegrim, committing you, your decedents, and your land to serve the Master from now until the end of days. You will be allowed to live out you lives and your bodies shall remain your own for the course of your life. Upon the death of any of you your soul shall be allowed to pass on to the afterlife, but you body will be used as the Master sees fit to further his research and goals.   Your Second option, of course, is to Flee. Depending on your resourcefulness, athletic ability, and how heavily the Blessings of Lady Luck lie upon you, some, perhaps even most of you may survive. Should you choose this option, my Master, in his near infinite mercy, will not send pursuers after you until after midday tomorrow. At that point, our Hounds will be let off their leash. Should you be able to avoid being captured or killed for one week you will be allowed to go free.   Your Final Option is, of course, armed resistance. As we are legion, I do not recommend this option. However, should you be stubborn or be lacking in intelligence or self preservation, know that we will show no mercy.   Those lucky enough to be killed when fighting or fleeing us shall have your bodies inspected. Any exceptional parts shall be harvested for use in Revenants, ,Rag Men and other Greater Undead. The rest of you shall be given over to take its place in the Shambling Horde. Should you be taken alive your soul and life energies will be harvested and sacrificed to fuel Master Zegrim's magic, while your body will be put to the uses I have already described.   You have until dawn Tomorrow to decide upon your course of action. There is no need to respond as your choice will be made clear with the rising of the sun"   Message spoken repeatedly by the last surviving siege head.


Spread fear and terror during the Necromancer Wars, while giving the option of peaceful surrender. Recovered records indicate that few if any towns took the first option.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Fear, panic, confusion
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth


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