Glass River

You know, the Glass River is a wonder to behold and all, but it always puts people on edge and a lot of them can't tell you why. Its the sounds and motions, they ain't there. No splash of jumping fish, no roar of rapids or waterfalls. No ripples when you toss in a stone or it rains. Sure enough though you can feel the current and still get wet if you wade across, but you don't disturb the silt on the bottom no matter how hard you try. It ain't natural and you feel it in your bones.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens


Localized Phenomena

Excerpts of Maze Walker's notes on The Glass River.

  -From sea to source the entire river is as smooth as a window made by the finest glassmaker in Thunder Dunes. No storm or landslide can muddy its waters, no rock or diving osprey can cause so much as a splash.   -That is not to say that the water isn't moving. It flows at times strong and swift or slow and meandering much as any other river. One can even skip stones on it as on any other lake or pond, although the skips are harder to count without ripples.   -It is worth noting that only the main branch displays this phenomenon. Tributaries before joining with the Glass behave as normal water should, at least until joining up. This can make for quite a spectacle should a flood have happened on one of the branches as a raging wall of water, mud, and debris turns into a smooth wall of water with suspended logs, but no mud, flowing rapidly down the Glass, like the worlds fastest, cleanest glacier.   -The fact that the effect of the waters extends for a small distance out into the ocean also makes the harbor at the rivers mouth the best in the north to winter at, as even ships anchored in the bay need not fear the deadly waves that so often accompany winter storms.   -Near as I can tell the Glass River gets its properties when melt-water from glaciers in the Outh Mountains passes through the Labyrinth of Locks, but try as i might I have not been able to trace that stream past the glacier that hides the labyrinths entrance.   -Spring 4947: I may need to make another trip into the Labyrinth of Locks. what can only be described as cracks have appeared in the Glass River. In some areas it looks similar to an impact, while in others they appear to be closer to if someone attempted to flex a glass pane and stopped in the spit second between cracks appearing and the pane shattering. While it doesn't seem to harm wildlife, most creatures avoid these strange phenomena. I dont know what has caused this, but it needs looking into.


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